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Using A Dedicated VPN To Protect Your Business Data

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Data is the most valuable resource of a business today, and it’s accessed, shared, and sometimes stolen. There are many entry points for hackers to steal data, and companies realize managing how their users access it securely is a continuous challenge. Still, some straightforward solutions restrict access and reduce being hacked.

Remote working is popular as it offers cost savings for companies, with less office space required. However, it is also an online security risk.

Users accessing business systems via their own devices and laptops within their own environment, like their home or somewhere else like a cafe or restaurant, increases the probability of the user being hacked and business data accessed and stolen.

Cybercrime activity is on the rise as it is profitable, and its anonymity offers cover to criminals. Individuals have targeted with malvertising and ransomware emails, and business systems and data are constantly under threat, yet obtaining a secure online connection is straightforward.

In this article, you’ll find out how a dedicated VPN can provide that secure connection while your users online access your data.

Lock Down Access

Hackers have proven how easy it is to access and steal data in seemingly secure environments. Using public internet connections has made servers and business systems vulnerable. A tried and tested method to lock down online access to your data is to only allow specific IP addresses.

Server Administrators can configure your business server, allowing access to IP addresses on a ‘whitelist’. While this solution works well, it’s limiting as it’s not good for remote workers who don’t have a fixed IP address to ‘whitelist’. This is where a secure VPN service takes over and provides a secure connection.

What Is A Dedicated VPN?

Not everybody knows what a VPN is and why you should use it. VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a service that encrypts your internet browsing data and gives you an extra layer of privacy and security. It means that all the data is encrypted by military-grade algorithms and cannot be seen or decrypted by hackers or government agencies. It can encrypt emails, words you type, websites you visit, etc.

A regular VPN service shares one IP address, internet connection, and server resources simultaneously with other users from the same server. Your internet connection might differ every time, depending on the active users on a VPN server. Also, shared IP is unsuitable for business because the IP might be different every time you connect to the VPN.

Your server administrator can assign only some IP addresses to the whitelist, so you need a dedicated VPN.

A dedicated VPN server doesn’t share any resources and the IP address of the VPN you rent. It fits perfectly for business. It means that a VPN vendor will assign an IP address for your account, and only you will be able to use it.

Combining a dedicated VPN with the configured server (with the IP whitelist) can achieve maximum security results. The administrator of your business server can assign an IP address that belongs to a dedicated VPN. After that, you and your employees can connect to your server securely from any point in the world.

All the data will be encrypted and secured, even if you make a connection from the public wi-fi hotspots.

VPNs Reviewed

Internet security geeks have tested more than 50 various VPN servers and told us how to choose the best VPN on a dedicated IP. According to security specialists, users should pay attention to these factors:

The Internet connection speed of a VPN

The dedicated VPN should provide ultra-fast connection speed. Therefore, it should be at least 50 Mbps or higher. A slow connection is not the solution for business users. Time is money, so online access should be fast and stable.

The encryption level

Choose the VPN service which supports AES 256-bit encryption level. It makes it almost impossible to decrypt it, and it considers to be one of the best encryption algorithms nowadays.

How many users are supported at the same time

Choose a dedicated VPN that supports at least 5 users at the same time. Many VPN providers support only one user, which is not suitable for business.

How many platforms does it supports

The more platforms supporting a VPN, the more minor problem you will have in the future. Make sure your VPN would supports as many operating systems as possible.

Support and price

The price or cost to the business for security and privacy level is an essential factor in risk assessment. However, there are many providers, so VPNs come cheap when considering they can be priced from under USD 10 per month.

The support is significant for business users also. Fast and reliable support can solve connection problems in minutes, while poor support responds only after two days.

Summing Up

Cybercrime is here to stay, so cybersecurity is paramount to all businesses, regardless of size. Consult with an IT security expert and invest in protecting your data and systems. If viable, lockdown access to your servers with an IP address whitelist and use a VPN service.

Did you know that adhering to these two simple rules will increase your business server security by 60%?

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Americans are not alone in caring about their privacy. After all, it’s one reason third-party data is out and it has replaced with first-party and zero-party data.

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