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Four Mobile Marketing Strategies To Get Ahead In A Brexit World

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UK Businesses are nervous. The Brexit deadline for leaving the EU is just a few months from now, set for 31 October 2019. There is a lot of uncertainty about the future of the UK Economy.

Brexit could be as bad as some commentators predict, i.e. with talk of rising inflation and disruption to infrastructure and trade. UK businesses need to avoid distraction and instead focus on actions that ensure they get the future they want.

Start with marketing and PR campaigns that boost the business’s reputation and grow the sales pipeline with local and global consumers. Why wouldn’t your business thrive in uncertain times!

Think big and reach out to a global audience with your campaigns. Not only will it attract new customers with a bit of luck and good judgment, but your business will also benefit from continued buy-in from a loyal and engaged customer base.

At a time when the future of the UK’s position in Europe, and even on the world stage, hang in the balance, investing in robust marketing strategies is the way forward.

Digital marketing expert Neil Sheth from Your Brand Found has four mobile marketing strategies to help UK businesses.

Optimise Your Website For Mobile User Experience

In the not-so-distant future, working without even looking at our screens will be possible. We will probably just shout commands at a device, and Siri-type apps will take over. However, we’re not quite there yet; until then, people will remain glued to their smartphones. With this knowledge, businesses in the know have optimised their website user journey across all mobile devices, i.e. tablets and smartphones, as this is the primary tool for all Internet surfing.

If your business lags behind and your website is not mobile-ready, seek input from website development experts on optimising your online presence for ease of use on all mobile devices.

Target Across Multiple Regions And Languages In the Search

You aim to effectively target and reach customers searching for products, services, and information related to your business across varying regions and languages in Google. This is vital to continue cornering all of your prospective markets at a time when some avenues might be cut off as a result of Brexit.

International SEO

Now is the time to reach out to secure sales from international consumers, and to achieve this, you need a global SEO strategy working for your business.

International SEO is optimising your website so that search engines can quickly identify the countries you want to target and which languages to use for business. Your website needs to offer different languages based on the visitor’s location.

Engage an International SEO expert to assist your business so it is optimised for local and international SEO.

Advertising Using Facebook And Instagram Ads

According to Statista, there are 2.9 billion active users of Facebook. There will be many of your prospective customers among these users.

Facebook and Instagram advertising for businesses can be highly targeted to specific and relevant audiences, ensuring higher visibility. It makes sense to focus your marketing effort on social media; the broader footprint will surely improve sales.

However, a common mistake with ad creation is not adequately considering and prioritizing the core messages you must convey to the consumer.

Be confident about your brand’s offering and use your imagination to create something that grabs the attention of your targeted audience while remaining authentic to your brand. Once again, seek assistance from marketing experts.

Storify Online Content To Differentiate From The Competition

Businesses generally use either of these two options when it comes to competing for consumer attention online. They either compete on price, and the lower, the better, or they build their brand reputation as the premium provider.

To build your brand and product reputation, you must take control of your online presence and create valuable and engaging content that attracts new customers.

Do it with compelling stories, which can be shared on Instagram’s popular Stories function and Facebook Stories, to engage and build trust with your desired audience.

Content for Stories

The content for your Stories could include behind-the-scenes stories or simply telling your audience about existing customers you have worked with and how you helped them achieve their goals or overcome a problem.

You can also turn to your audience to help you design your marketing campaign and subsequent story.

Engaging your followers to share suggestions, creative ideas, taglines, and slogans via social media will give them a sense of community and ownership.

Also, consider sharing user-generated photo and video content, which shows your customers positively interacting with a product or service. They are your best marketing resource, after all, with the capability to provide authentic stories about your business.

Remember never to be boastful and not make the story all about you. The narrative you publish needs to be impactful but not overly promotional.


Business owners can not control what Brexit throws at them but can control what they focus on before the outcome is known.  Implementing these sound marketing strategies to attract a broader consumer base will go a long way towards securing your business’s future and providing certainty during unprecedented political and economic turmoil.