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Essential WordPress Live Chat Plugins for Effective Your Customer Support


With live chat’s flexibility and advantages, there’s no reason you shouldn’t stray away from phone-based support. Besides, regular phone customer support is more expensive as it requires more people behind the telephone.

Meanwhile, with live chat plugin on your website, you can create a customer support experience with much less staff. As live chat can be an affordable way to directly communicate with your customers, it’s essential to consider using a live chat plugin for your business website.

Keep on reading because I’ll showcase five powerful live chat plugins you can start using on your WordPress site today!

Why Is Live Chat-Based Customer Support Important?

Personal Approach and Branding

Live chat customer support allows you to provide instant personal assistance to your customers. It’s actually preferred by 73% of visitors. You can also learn what keeps them from buying your product and sticking to your brand.

Moreover, providing real-time customer support can personally delight your customers. In real-time a solution can be found right away for any problem your customers may have with your products, and this service is via the chatbox on your website.

To maintain an efficient support system without the downtime you should use a reliable and fast web hosting provider. This way, you can sustain excellent response times and strong customer engagement. As a result, they will have a solid sense of trust for your brand.

Sales and Lead Generation

Converting visitors to be buyers or email subscribers is a breeze after you get their trust and engage them. You can integrate your email marketing strategy with the chatbox to get some great results.

Tailor your chatbox settings to encourage visitors to subscribe. Then, you can follow them up with your email marketing campaign and convert them into buyers afterwards.

6 Best Essential WordPress Live Chat Plugins

Among many live chat plugins available, here are the five most-used live chat plugins with a great track record that are not to be sneezed at for your WordPress site. To help you make up your mind, I’ve elaborated based on their user-friendliness, key features, support, and pricing.

1. Tawk.To Live Chat

  • User-friendliness: Once installed and activated, this plugin integrates with your site’s elements and can be customized through your Dashboard’s admin area. It also supports multisite usage with multiple agents in a single chat dashboard interface. Moreover, it has a sleek, customizable interface where there are no ads or spam displayed.
  • Key features: Not only does it provide a live chat platform with a built-in scheduled ticketing system for your visitors, but also real-time visitor insights. It’s mobile responsive and compatible with every browser on the market as well as operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OSX. Most importantly, it works smoothly with WordPress. You’re given complete freedom to customize how your chatbox widget will look like and what specific language you will use from the 27 options available.
  • Support and updates: By creating a to account and activating the plugins on your WordPress site, you can get 24-hour real-time customer support. You can seek any help directly through its official website, chatbox. The plugin is also updated regularly to fix any bugs.
  • Price: It is totally FREE of charge.

2. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing – Forms, Popups, Live Chat

  • User-friendliness: You can easily and directly manage chats from your WordPress dashboard once the plugin is activated.
  • Key features: With a comprehensive digital marketing tool, this plugin not only allows you to tailor targeted and segmented sale messages, manage contacts and call but also create an email opt-in forms. You can activate automated chatbot and support tickets. This full-package plugin provides real-time insights on who you’re chatting with, which pages they visited, and whether or not they’re possible customers. The conversations during the live chat are integrated into a CRM.
  • Support and updates: By creating a HubSpot account and installing HubSpot CRM, not only you will get constant customer support and regular updates, but also free online resources in the HubSpot Academy.
  • Price: The live-chat feature is included in the complimentary HubSpot CRM package, but to get more functionality, you can upgrade to the paid version that allows you to transfer the chat to different agents.

3. WP Live Chat Support

  • User-friendliness: It is famous for its 30-second installation. Besides, it has an easy to understand and operate interface for both users and visitors. Plus, the desktop notification feature eases the plugin’s usage. It’s also possible to check live chat records. Moreover, you can effortlessly tweak and tune the chatbox’s appearance and chat customization from your WordPress dashboard. It has a draggable auto pop-up chatbox, resulting in a better user interface and experience.
  • Key features: It has performance quality control providing missed chat notifications and ROI tracking. It offers unlimited agent usage too. You can start a chat with your visitors first instead of waiting for them to contact you, and send offline messages. With this plugin, you can choose various effects, animations, and themes for your chatbox. Moreover, create surveys and polls for the visitors to take through a chatbox. It is also mobile responsive and multi-language ready. With this plugin, you can have an agent-to-agent chat and transfer chats to different agents.
  • Support and updates: There’s no dedicated customer support, but you can find help from the official support forum. However, a regular update is also available.
  • Price: You can get it for FREE! It’s also possible for you to donate for the developer.

4. Tidio Live Chat

  • User-friendliness: Once activated, the plugin can be directly used without any further customization. You can manage the color scheme, chatbots, and other settings as well as reply to chats via the dashboard.
  • Key features: This plugin provides a single platform for chat, email, and Messenger with a maximum of three user access. It’s mobile responsive ready and has an app for iOS, Android, Windows, OS X, and Chrome. Specially designed for WordPress, this plugin allows you to activate 24/7 responsive chatbots while offline. It also supports other WordPress plugin integration: it provides visitor tracking tools and offline forms integrated with Zendesk, GetResponse, SalesForce, and MailChimp. This plugin also lets you contact your customer first.
  • Support and updates: There is a 24-hour technical support line available to help you from Monday to Friday. Regular updates are maintained to avoid and solve any performance issues.
  • Price: It offers a free 7-day trial, after which you can decide whether to use the free version or the paid one for $15/month.

5. LiveChat

  • User-friendliness: Once you’re subscribed to LiveChat and activated the plugins, you can immediately use the trial version. It provides instant interaction with on-site visitors and customers without any setting modifications required. This plugin is also customizable and extendable with built-in third-party apps and services. Moreover, it has an easy to customize chat widget that you can add on every page of your website.
  • Key features: Internal tools for chat agents, so it’s suitable if you have no dedicated customer support team, but you want to create one through plugins. Seamlessly integrates with over 100 ready-to-use third-party tools: it works well with WP themes, and site builders like Elementor Page Builder, Page Builder by SiteOrigin, WordPress Page Builder, and Beaver Builder. It’s also translation ready and mobile responsive. This plugin provides both online and offline support with a ticketing system. Moreover, it supports multiple channels, including chat, Facebook messenger, email, and various other social media platforms. Besides, it allows you to create a proactive chat invitation and send specified messages under particular conditions like visitor’s time spent on-page, or the number of visited pages.
  • Support and updates: There’s dedicated support on the official site, and comprehensive documentation containing tutorials that can be found in the help center. Also, you can get help from the community group. Besides, this full-featured plugin gets regular updates to fix bugs and issues.
  • Price: You can try services for free for two weeks. After the free 14-days trial ends, you need to pay to keep using it.

Summing It Up

Hopefully, this article will help you to make the most out of your customer support experience. I know, choosing one from the many powerful live chat plugin I’ve mentioned above is not an easy decision. Therefore, I suggest considering their user-friendliness, key features, support, and pricing to decide the best pick for you. Let us know your experience in the comment section below!

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