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Choose A Web Hosting Plan Just On Cost Will Fail Your Business

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Never allow a non-techie choose the web hosting plan for your business. Why? Well, all is not as it appears. Yes, the hosting plans are presented in a language best understood by the non-tech decision-maker; however, bad decisions are made when we don’t fully understand what the service actually delivers.

When you arrive on the hosting plans page, you’ll see the price most prominently displayed in a larger font than the rest of the information about the plan, and this grabs your attention and remains first and foremost in your mind over anything else. This is a smart sales technique as the buyer of services for a business is usually a business manager.

Don’t Make A Decision Just On Cost

When the decision-maker is focused primarily on cost, they’re less likely to ask questions of the hosting plans capability. Nor are they likely to start the process by delving into the detail of what the business requires now and shortly with planned growth. Therefore it’s common for price to drive the decision on what hosting plan is chosen over what service is the best fit for the business.

As a rule of thumb, always seek out input from technical specialists when it comes to an understanding of the needs of the business. For startups and small enterprises that don’t have the in-house technical expertise, engage the services of third parties who can provide consulting services for the company. Even for a primary online business that has one website, choosing the right systems and services is crucial and focusing on cost alone will inevitably result in poor service delivery to your customers and website visitors.

As a CEO or business owner, don’t leave all the technical knowledge in the minds of other people. Make sure you’re tech savvy too. Ignorance is not bliss in this day and age irrespective of what your business provides, technology will be a vital part of it, and a lack of knowledge can hold a business back from its true potential.

Understand What The Hosting Service Offers

As a non-techie, you may understand what ‘uptime’ means and also ‘speed’, but you’re less likely to know what a third-party automation tool ‘cPanel’ is and if your business needs it. Nor are you likely to ask the quick question around the web hosting infrastructure.


How important is the type of server? There are a few different types from Linux (Apache) to Windows-based servers. Yes, I know we’re lost you now as we into the technical stuff far that’s easily avoided when you just choose your hosting plan from the ‘sales page’ on hosting provider’s websites.

Does your business need a VPN? Or a Dedicated Server? Or is a shared plan all you need for now? When you base your decision on cost, you’re more than likely to disappointed with the service.

It may be just the lack of control on what you can upload and how you access your assets online, or it could be the uptime or speed to load your website. It’s unlikely that you’ll strike it lucky with a hosting plan that perfectly matches your business requirements if you choose on price alone. Pay it forward by engaging an expert to work with you on the selection process, asking the right questions, so you get the correct answers.

As part of your own research find a hosting plans review that educates in layperson’s language why the cost is what it is, i.e. what can the cheaper plans offer. What features come with a plan, and what is the downside to it? When you go through the review, you’ll see a trade-off is required, e.g. less up time for a cheaper plan. Or less storage, or speed.



Avoid the sales trap of choosing a hosting plan based solely on price. Remember you get what you pay for, and a bad decision may have long-lasting implications for your business including a damaged reputation for poor website delivery among other vital requirements we’ll discuss in another blog post very soon.