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How to Focus on Conversion Rate Optimization and Grow Your Business

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Conversion rate is defined as how many of your audience members take a specific action on your website. Conversion rate can be monitored and used for a variety of reasons on your website or blog. Whether it’s how many users click a button, read an article, or order a product, conversion rate simply describes how well your website encourages your audience to do exactly what you want them to.

As one can assume, optimizing conversion rate is the key to growing your business, whether it’s coaching or consulting or an online store.

So, how can you do it? How can you ensure that potential clients, readers, or customers take the exact action you want on your website or blog?

We’ve compiled some tips to help you optimize your conversion rates and grow your business.

1.  Make the desired action clear

If you want someone to sign up for a newsletter or click “read more,” tell them! This can be as simple as an arrow with text enticing your reader to take the desired action by pointing it out to him or her. Don’t rely on chance to guide your reader to the end zone! Be sure that the place where your reader should take this desired action – be it a certain link, certain product deal, or special newsletter, stands out from other options they may have on your site. Not only will this help you improve your conversion rates, but help you conduct research on what works and what doesn’t on your website.

2. Entice them with a reward

Your audience is much more likely to take your desired action if there is something in it for them. Whether this reward is a freebie in exchange for subscribing to a newsletter or the promise of amazing content that will help your reader live her best life on your blog, having a clear and obviously stated reward stating how taking action YOU want them to take will help THEM, will put you miles ahead of your competition in the world of conversion rates. This will also help you establish trust and rapport with your audience, encouraging them to recognize you as a quality brand that offers them content worth buying, reading, or otherwise investing in.

3. Have an easy-to-navigate site

The first step of leading a potential client, reader, or customer to take the action you want on your website is getting them to stay on your website when they visit it. If they are immediately overwhelmed by poor design, an overload of information, or blurry images, and navigate away, the chances of taking your desired action are zero. Ensuring that your website loads quickly, is inviting and clean, and is easy to navigate, you rapidly increase your chances of success with potential clients and amazing conversion rates. Think of it as people entering a building and entering a raffle: If people never enter the building, or enter and immediately turn around and leave, they cannot enter your raffle. Invite them in, get them to stay, and guide them to your booth, and BOOM! You’ve made your first sale.

4. Remember that change does not happen overnight

The process of optimizing conversion rates involves plenty of trial and error with design choices, wording, and product placement, but it’s important not to rule out any method too quickly. Depending on your business’s size, you may want to allow a few days to weeks to test out the variables you’ve changed on your website and how they impact your conversion rates. Changing things around too fast may actually hurt your conversion rates by overwhelming your audience with rapid changes, leading to unfamiliarity with your brand. Besides, it’s important not to lose hope if your methods do not work immediately. Staying positive throughout the process of testing new ideas is important, as well.

5. Make your desired actions realistic

While many things are possible with great advertising, it’s important to make sure your desired conversion action is realistic. Expect your readers to spend thousands of dollars on a mediocre product within the first five minutes of visiting your site, and you’re not likely to find much conversion rate success – not unless your brand is already established. However, starting small with things such as newsletter signups or inexpensive products is a great way to build a relationship with your audience so that, eventually, you can achieve those bigger, more rewarding desired actions on your website. In other words, starting small and working your way up is an excellent strategy for minimizing loss and seeing results quickly while not scaring potential customers away with intimidating requests.

By applying these strategies to your online store or website, you can grow your business quickly and sustainably using conversion rate monitoring. It’s important to remember that if your reader has found your site in the first place, something has led them there, whether it be a great promotional video or a client testimonial – and to get them to take that next step, you must harness that advertising and continue to employ it on your website, as well.

Do you plan on utilizing conversion rate optimization to grow your business? Do you have experience with it in the past? If so, what has worked for you? What hasn’t it? Share your tips with other readers to support other content creators in their journeys to optimizing their websites for commercial success.

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