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Want More Exposure? Here’s How to Get Seen

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While we all need to be online as a business these days, there are a lot of other small things you can do to ensure that you have the right kind of online presence. It’s not just about being active on social media anymore, after all, as this is kind of taken for granted – if you want that competitive edge you’ve been looking for, you need to do more than what the others are doing.

You need to be a bit more innovate and think outside of the box in order to be recognised out there. The online world is a jungle, after all, and strangely lawless up until a few years ago; grab the opportunity to do something innovative now and your business may be able to lay the foundation for what other businesses are doing in the future.

First: Join the social movement

Today, there is no better way to get some serious business exposure than to show your market how much you actually care. Make sure that it comes from the heart, though, and that you’re supporting a cause that you deem worthy. Otherwise, the community will certainly punish you for trying to take advantage of others to boost your business.

There are many ways to join the social movement, however, and how you choose to do it is up to you. Donate a couple of bucks for each item you sell of a certain category, for example, use social media to talk about the cause you’re supporting, and consider running a fundraiser event to boost the support even further.

It’s a win-win, really, as a worthy cause will get the support and exposure it needs and your business is able to gain a proper boost because of all of its good work.

Next: Make use of videos

Sure, marketing through videos is nothing new – but how much is your business really using it? People love to interact with actual human being and both live streams and general marketing videos are great for this. You need to do it right, though, and make sure that you have someone in front of the camera who knows what they’re doing.

You can have a look at this article as well, by the way, for some more tips on how to create videos for social media so that everything you create is both flawless and credible.

Update your website

While your business may be scattered across different platforms online, your official website is like your home – or your basecamp, if you like. It’s where the business actually lives and your customers should be referred to it wherever they encounter your business name online.

That’s why you need to make sure that it is both up to date, innovate, slightly artistic, and interesting to spend time in. Check out this logo maker, for example, to get it right from the start.

Since everyone is trying to increase their own business exposure at the same time as you, the competition will always be kind of tough. Go even further than them, on the other hand, and you might find that it’s not that difficult to beat them, after all.

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