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How to Build a Strong Online Presence for Your Business

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Imagine this scenario, you’ve done the hard part, getting everyone in the business on the same page and now expanding the business is top of the mind of everyone on your team. Well done!

The ideas are coming thick and fast and you’re all itching to make a difference, but there’s lack of know-how when it comes to execution. So where do you start?

Expanding your business as one goal is too far reaching, and it needs to be broken down into a set of desired outcomes and executive tasks to achieve them.

To attempt to cover everything you’d need to do to expand your business, in just one article would be too much and the article would become a white paper of many thousands of words.

We’re a blog, so we’re keeping this post succinct and we focus on providing tips in one area, that being; to expand your website’s popularity online.

There are popular tools available for even the most novice of among us, so your team can execute tasks that will improve your website’s presence and how it’s found online.

The internet is your best friend, and that’s the moral of this tip. The internet and its various tools will help your business achieve a higher authority and improve its traffic. However, the internet is full of traps that are easy to fall in to, so follow these specific steps.

Accessible and User-Friendly

First, you must decide the content you want on the website. Content is everything and even brochure-ware sites need dynamic content so you’ll need a blog and you’ll need to add fresh relevant content to it regularly. Include interactive content like quizzes, as well as videos and images – all searchable by the search engines.

You want to make sure your website is as accessible and far-reaching. This means adding alternative text to all photos and having text that is legible for those with vision impairments. If you have videos on your website, subtitles are a must.

To add all these aspects into the website design, it’s important to go with something simple but easy to navigate. Photos should be placed carefully. Too many are distracting, but too few make the website seem boring.


Now that the base designs and accessibility have been improved, it’s time to focus on how you want to launch or relaunch the website on the internet. This could lead to some ongoing changes in the website content, and this is acceptable as a website should be considered a working document, with areas to be tweaked.

The internet is always evolving, and your website and your brand needs to move with it to maintain success. What we’re referring to here is how your website is found online and its search-ability.

SEO, or search engine optimization is the process of making your website easy for search engines like Google to find it.

Keyword terms

You want to use terms that would commonly be searched for by your target audience. This way, when those terms are entered in the the search function on Google and other search engines, your website will ideally appear on the first page of results, with the goal for it to appear first on the page.

Therefore how do you find out the key word terms most commonly search that relate to your website? You have to think like your audience and gain a greater appreciation of the challenges they face that match the solutions your business provide.


SEO is challenging and it takes a lot of analysis and ongoing input therefore it’s a billion dollar industry with many businesses specializing in creating 100% top-searched websites, such as Scottsdale SEO. The good news is you’ll be able to find a team that can work on your specific SEO requirements and also assist your team to make sure the work is done correctly.

Where the SEO team are located is less relevant, though you may prefer to use a local business if you like face to face discussions. What’s important though is you and your team can get up to speed on the basics of site ranking so when you engage the professionals you’re already on the same the page with the terminology and the basics of SEO.

Ongoing Maintenance

So, now you have an aesthetically pleasing website that everyone can access and you’re using the right language to make sure that your audience sees what you have to offer, there’s the ongoing upkeep so you’re not done yet and in fact you’re never really done, as you’ll need to continue to add relevant content and tweak the site for SEO. A website is not something you can finish and walk away from so start out how you mean to carry on.

To maintain your online presence, you’ll want to be consistently adding new content to your site. An easy way to do this is by creating monthly blog posts. You should also be monitoring your search rankings and making sure your site is always running smoothly .

Yes, a website is a lot of work, but it’s necessary in the digital age. If you’ve got your sites set on growth, you’ll want to start building your online presence as soon as possible.

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