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Branding Tools No Business Owners Can Survive Without

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Whether you have been in business for a long time, or are just thinking about starting a business, you will want to make sure that you are building a strong brand so your potential customers see you all over the place and know about your offers. In today’s highly competitive marketplace, it is impossible to succeed without utilizing free and low-cost branding tools. See some examples below.

Display Banners

If you have a physical shop or office, you should let people know what you are about. It is not enough to display your logo at the entrance on vinyl banners or flags: quickly inform people what you stand for and what you have to offer. Creating effective and attention-grabbing slogans is an art, and a professional local business marketing expert can help you tailor your message to the needs and preferences of your audiences.

Social Media Pages

You will also need to grab every opportunity to connect with your audience. Social media business pages will help you communicate your vision and values, and find out more about the expectations of your potential clients, as well as the competition. A well designed social media business page can deliver your branding messages effectively, even without spending a penny.


A great way of communicating what your company and brand is about is starting a blog. You will not have to publish academic research; simply talk about what made you start the business, what your goals and aspirations are, and what your unique selling proposition is. Whether you are a local gardener or a financial advisor, you can use your blog to set yourself apart from the competition and get the publicity your brand deserves for free.

Press Releases

To create a buzz about your new business, you could take advantage of press release services online and offline. Your newsworthy content can be picked up by search engines and relevant magazines, and you will get publicity for free. The good news is that the more people decide to republish your content the better chance you will have to get your site ranked high and getting your message out to the target market.

Video Marketing

To create personal relationships with your clients and potential customers, you can also take advantage of video marketing. Send out video messages, create updates on the progress of a project, and shoot behind-the-scenes videos. Your content can go viral if you find the topics your potential customers are interested in and search for, and you will benefit from higher search engine rankings, more traffic to your site, and improved reputation at the same time.

Many business owners underestimate the importance of branding. If you haven’t been building a strong online and offline presence, communicating your vision and business principles, you are missing out on traffic, customer engagement, and free exposure. Put the above tools to good use, and see your reputation increase over time. You don’t have to invest in an expensive public relations campaign to create a buzz about your brand.