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5 Reasons To Use Video In Promoting Your Startup Business

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According to a 2018 report published by Wordstream, marketers who use video content marketing make 49% more conversions than those who do not. That is not inclusive of those conversions they make from other aspects of their marketing.

If you are not using video for your startup business yet, that is how much you could also be missing out on.

Beyond that, here are other reasons you need to use video marketing for your start-up business.

1. Improvement of Organic SEO

You should know that YouTube now ranks second in the search engine results list ever since the service was acquired by Google. That means that your videos have a bigger chance of being seen by people than even your blog posts

2. Improved Press Coverage

Journalists have to sift through tons of content daily to determine what is newsworthy and what is not. The process can be quite tedious and I don’t blame them if they prefer to watch videos over reading text.

With a properly done video, they get to see what you have to offer faster and better. Guess who might be going on the press mill next?

3. Explain your business better

If we are candid with ourselves, you will agree that not many people care that much about a new business. However, these people care about services and products that will improve their lives.

Unlike other forms of content, a start-up video goes straight to the point. The video will be able to tell the visitors what your brand is about and why they should pay you any attention at all

4. Showcasing brand culture

While a text might look like a generic block of conversation, you can use videos to connect with your audience emotionally. With videos, you create a personality, culture and face around the business.

People will find it easier to relate to such than they would be getting referred to in the second person by some blocks of text.

5. Video is great on mobile

The world is now tending towards media consumption on mobile. That brought the clamor for websites to go responsive to cater to their mobile community. You might not have considered how much video and mobile go hand in hand.

YouTube has already made it known that video consumption rises by at least 100% annually. Now that people love to consume visual media on the go, you would be able to get in on that market and make something happen for your business by pursuing a good video campaign

Wrap Up

The best part of having a YouTube account and using video for your start-up business is that your audience can easily get the video with a suitable YouTube downloader and share it across multiple platforms for you.

With social media users interacting with videos more than 50% of the time, there is no limit to the potential you can reach by breaking into this audio-visual market too.

As a start-up, wouldn’t you rather incorporate video marketing today too?