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Using pull-up banners to boost your ROI

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Your printed marketing material is a reflection of your business. It is a way to reach out beyond your physical location in order to entice customers and inform them of your services. So of course, it is important to consider the design of your printed marketing material, such as banners. But what about the location of your printed banners?

A banner in a less-than-effective location will not produce the maximum ROI for you. With this guide from outdoor banners UK, you can look through various locations that you may not have considered and see how banners can be an effective tool in those locations.

Can you be found?

People are busier than ever; too busy, perhaps, to go searching for your location over somewhere they already know. This is highlighted by the fact employees in the UK are working more overtime than ever before with 60% of those asked stating that they don’t have a good work-life balance, according to a study published in The Independent last year.

Your location is an important point to look at. Are you easy to find? Even if you’re slightly off the high street, tucked away around a sharp corner or sandwiched between two larger stores; you could run the risk of clients giving up on finding you. By placing your pull-up banner in a location that signposts your building, you can direct your customers, as well as advertise your brand to the general public. Use bold fonts and colours to highlight your address and tell people which other shops you’re next to or opposite so they can quickly work out where you are. If you’re thinking about placing these outdoors, make sure you opt for a quality PVC or vinyl banner to make sure your ad can endure the weather for maximum return on your spend.

Do you have an entranceway?

You can use the space of your building’s entrance way to promote your business too. The sleek dimensions of a pull-up banner will allow it to stand conspicuously in the corner of your foyer or next to your reception desk, while not overpowering the room and making it look cluttered.

Build a positive first impression for your brand, as studies show that people can create an opinion on something in only a tenth of a second. Designing an eye-catching pull-up banner that not only features complementary colours — perhaps matching your reception décor — pleasant fonts and nice imagery, but also highlights interesting information about your company might be another helpful marketing factor to convert sales from new customers and boost brand loyalty among current clients. Are you still a family-run company? Have you recently added another line of products to your range? Just reached five or ten years in business? Achievements like these matter to people who walk through your door, and the beauty of a pull-up banner is that you have the space to advertise snippets of success stories — unlike with a small leaflet, for example.

The Economist noted in an article that the first area of a shop’s building is called the ‘decompression’ zone. This is because customers need to momentarily ‘slow down’ to assess their new surroundings and assess which products are on offer. As a result, this is a great place for promotional material. Even if you don’t have a reception area, you can simply place your pull-up banner just inside the entrance for the same powerful marketing affect — another way to boost ROI.

Are you going to a trade show?

The UK events industry is worth £42.3 billion, according to data from Eventbrite, and 1.3 million business events are planned each year. Corporate hospitality accounts for around £1.2 billion, while exhibitions comprise £11 billion and conferences make up the lion’s share at £19.9 billion! But, how do you maximise your exposure when you’re surrounded by so many other brands? Clearly, this industry is big business and you don’t want your company to get left behind if you aren’t active in trade shows and corporate gatherings.

Printed marketing really comes into its own at events and trade shows compared to digital adverts. If you want to stand out against your competitors at a major recruitment exhibition and create that bond to entice people to come over, why not design an attractive, descriptive pull-up banner and place it next to your stand? According to a study carried out in the US, participants that viewed print media showed a greater emotional response for it and were able to recall its details better than they could for digital ads. If it’s eye-catching enough, it will draw potential partners and employees to your table where you can begin discussing the key details of your business.

Support your ROI after the event is over by ensuring people remember your brand name. A banner will be much more effective at securing this than a digital ad lost among the waves of them, or no advert at all.

Do you have window space you can use?

Your store or business’ window spaces can be great ways to use printed marketing material to appeal to the 80% of consumers who state they are ‘promotion sensitive’. Highlighting a special discount on your pull-up banner placed in your store window will give your offer excellent visibility to help bring foot traffic in-store. Also, research shows that discounts can make it less probable that people will then compare your range with your competitors’! Remember to use contrasting colours and large text to highlight your offer on your banner.

Store design and display consultant Linda Cahan, in an article with the Entrepreneur, commented that: “Each window should tell a story”. If you have floor-length windows, simply angle your pull-up banner so it is clearly visible to people and cars coming from all directions. Or, use a platform to give your advert height so it can be easily seen. A strong and alluring window display can be the difference between a potential customer stepping inside your building and walking or driving by it. Are you making the most of this key piece of promotional space?

Do you have any awards?

Is your company aiming for an award or shortlist? There are countless ceremonies for every industry taking place across the UK throughout the year. An essential to good marketing Is spotting how you can hallmark your brand when you’re surrounded by competitors at a special event?

Printed adverts have many advantages over digital alternatives, namely that they can stand out when the world of digital is so overcrowded. A Canadian study sound that three quarters of people could remember a brand after viewing it via a print media ad. Conversely, only two-fifths were able to recall the company after seeing it on a digital platform. To boost ROI, create a well-structured pull-up banner or two that can act as backdrops to any interviews you hold or videos/photos you take when your staff are at the awards event. Colour, design, content, and imagery are important characteristics — only use complementary colours, clear layouts, insightful text, and high-quality resolutions. Hashtags, contact information and your brand logo are also essentials. Then, share your snaps or videos on social media to spread brand awareness!

Be mindful of times where printed material won’t be effective, such as red-carpet ceremonies and champagne reception style award events. However, some are very business-based and can last all day before the awards section takes place in the evening. In which case, use this time to promote your brand on social media and YouTube. A creative, attention-grabbing pull-up banner stamped with your brand logo and key information you want customers or prospective employees to know will work wonders to promote what you do.

So, you can now see how the location of your banners can prove to be a key way to boost your ROI and brand awareness. Bear these key tips in mind to maximise your ROI!

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