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7 Steps To A Positive Attitude & Better Sales

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Did you know working on your mindset is the best investment in yourself that you’ll ever make? It’s true, but here’s the catch – it’s a continuous process. You can not fix it and walk away.

We can all learn from successful salespeople. As it happens, we all sell all the time, and when we’re in a “sales positive” mental state, like successful salespeople, we too know what we want and how to get it. This makes us happier in our jobs and life.

In life, we have choices to make every day, and how we react and act to stimuli is prompted by our mindsets. Therefore to get a positive mindset, we need to start working on it to repel the negative and become solution-focused, just like successful salespeople.

Your Mindset Is Your Navigator

Consider your mindset as your navigator. It can only work with the information it’s given, so if it’s neglected, you’ll probably end up taking a wrong turn and reaching a dead end.

Similarly, your responses open up opportunities when you work on your mindset and feed it the correct information. Let’s face it, if you are a salesperson, then you know hearing good news is always welcome.

A well-honed mindset needs a positive mental attitude (PMA). So how do you manage your thoughts to push away negativity and turn that frown upside down? 🙂

By taking action to develop a paradigm shift in your mindset, you will:

  • Become solution focused
  • Control how you think
  • Explore and learn more
  • Become inquisitive and interesting
  • Calm and relaxed

Your mindset must repel negative internal chatter. Let’s look at how to create new habits so you can get what you want in your career and life.

Repel The Negative

The negative is always stronger than the positive. We remember bad news and more so than good news. Negative bias – is a real thing. To get a deeper understanding of negativity and doom and gloom see this article.

Once you understand the external powers at play, you can first observe how you react to negative news and set about creating new thoughts and responses that deliver better outcomes for you.

It is impossible to live in society and ignore feedback from news of economic downturns, people losing jobs and money, politicians squabbling and selling their policies, to wars and natural disasters. Sometimes, turning your thinking into an advantage rather than a destructive one is tricky.

How To Be Proactive and Sales Positive

Here are our essential steps to being sales positive and honing a positive attitude.

1) Become solution focused

To change from a negative attitude, take a 180-degree spin and start focusing your thoughts on solutions. The longer you think about the problem, the longer it will be before you discover your answers.

You can only think one thought at a time, so it’s essential for your success to make a choice and make it a positive one. So rather than dwelling on the problem of not enough leads coming in, focus on the solution of which networking event you will attend next week.

2) Mind control

Over the centuries, thousands of positive quotes and poems have been written on some aspect of positive thinking. Whether it’s Lord Byron about love or Shakespeare with words of wisdom like Make the World Your Oyster…people have been using different forms of mind control.

If your thoughts are negative, one of the keys to controlling your mind is simply reading a positive quote, affirmation, or book or talking to positive people to stop yourself from thinking negatively.

A key attribute of many salespeople is that they are right brained: creative, colourful, talkative and enjoy being with people. Visual aids are more appealing, so use visual aids. To motivate yourself use a picture of your dream sports car or holiday or write down your target, number of calls, follow-ups, or phone calls and tick them off your list to see and feel what you are achieving.

3) Get out of your rut

My logo is based on the @ sign you see on any keyboard. You can stay AT one place in your life, never learning new skills and going around and around in one place repeating the same mistakes, stuck in a rut. Or you learn new skills, read books, and network with like-minded peers.

When you learn one skill, you integrate that skill into your daily life. You remain at that point in your life for as long as you choose. Then, you either get stuck again or progress forward as you learn another new skill. By understanding the next skill needed for success, you master another challenge and move onwards and upwards in your life again.

With each challenge you overcome, you achieve success and gain momentum in your quest to be who you want – the master of your life! Overcome the fear of your rut by trying something new or in a different way or discuss with other people what has worked for them. There are many sales courses, books, and other successful people to share ideas about your sales pitch that can help you.

4) Create your desire

Suppose you achieve your personal success level and are happy with your present salary, commission, partner, lifestyle, or financial situation. In that case, you have no urge to lift yourself to your next level of triumphs. However, if you would like to improve or rate your happiness level below five out of ten, you have a valid reason to have a positive attitude and create more victories in your life. So, discover some values-aligned goals and find your urge.

Carry your affirmation or goal with you at work about your number of calls or sales. If your desired result misfires quickly, change your mindset back to positive. Embrace the words: ‘next one, please’ or reread your goal on your smartphone or the old-fashioned way, on a piece of paper in your wallet. Display it in your car.

5) Educate yourself

Two famous quotes from Albert Einstein:

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

Insanity is doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results.

Your past has created who you are today. It has been based on your decisions, and for most people, they have some good and some not-so-good traits.

You learn more from the not-so-right choices as you create stepping stones to your future. The key to your future success is to release your past and move on to your future, which means taking your personal development level up the next notch.

As Stephen Covey says – “Sharpen your saw”. While driving in your car, educate yourself from the hundreds of educational CD programs available. Your work may even invest in them for your workplace library.

6) Soul, mind,  and body aligned

Your goal in life is to create yourself. Not an unhappy you but a happy, fulfilled, successful person doing what you want in your life. There are three steps to your success.

Decide what makes your soul happy:

  • Analyzing your feelings. Discover your passions and include them in your values-aligned goals.
  • Use your mind and thoughts to create your values-aligned goals.

How you control your mind will determine which action you’ll take, and ideally, it should follow what your soul (feelings) and mind (thoughts) have determined (activity).

When your soul, mind, and body are aligned, you will stop living life like a three-legged stool with every leg out of alignment.

Embrace your soul, mind and body at work by ensuring you feel good. This is an important trait for the salespeople and starts on the inner by becoming confident and believing in your ability to make sales.

Additionally, it shows in your outer in your clothing and personal grooming. Always present yourself well with good posture and look good. You will feel better!

7) Just DO IT!

All this is possible, and all you have to do is choose. Nelson Mandela once said, “Your playing small does not serve the world.” What does that mean? It means don’t live to be unhappy and below your potential. You are destined to live an extraordinary life!

We all know those optimistic people who can laugh and view the glass as half full and not half empty. They are determined to succeed and generally do.

If you’re having a challenging time, think of the most positive person you know. Pick up the phone now and invite them for coffee. You can also tell them you want to hear how they got successful because twenty years ago, they were probably where you are now. Your goal in life is to create yourself and your presence to the great heights you want.

People will help you on your journey and prompt you to success. But first, it starts with believing you are worthy of your own success and keeping a positive mental attitude on your journey. The world is waiting for your best.

Don’t delay any longer consider if you’re in the right job and if not change it!