Enthusiasm Sells! Marketing With A Positive Attitude

Have you ever walked in a store to buy something and the sales clerk was whiny?

It really doesn’t make you want to buy does it?

Well, this should be an obvious one but I will want to share this one with you because it really does amaze me that more business owners and sales guys don’t really get it.

You can sell more stuff with your enthusiasm than with a boring or negative attitude.

Here’s a few quick tips to make sure you are showing and saying the right thing.

Just smile!

No matter what, put on a smile. If you are smiling, you will be more inviting to everyone you talk to. People don’t even want to talk to someone that is frowning.

And I don’t mean just in person either. When you are on the phone be sure to smile. It will show in your voice and people will notice it. You will naturally be more energetic and they will want to talk to you.

It doesn’t matter if you are at a networking function, on the phone, creating a video blog or someone walks in your store… that smile is your first impression.

Its a great day!

I talk to a ton of people every week and usually the beginning of the conversation is the same most fo the time.

“How are things going?”

Nothing makes me cringe more than hearing “it’s ok”, “Could be better” or the worst “it’s going”
I’m sure you’ve hear them all before. They all sound the same. The person sounds like they just lost their dog.

Try this one the next time someone asks you:

“Its great”
“It’s awesome”
“Only getting better”

Just be sure to say it with enthusiasm. People will flock to you from it. They will ask more questions and be more open to hearing about what you have going on. People want to know what your secret is.

Be confident

If you want to stand out, you can’t be a wall flower. Be confident in your conversations. Be confident with your product or service. As long as you have a product that helps people, you should be proud of it.

If you are excited, others around you will get excited. Even if they really don’t know what they are excited about yet.

You see, enthusiasm sells. The more excited you are, the more people will flock around you and want to be part of that. People want to be excited about something. It’s in our nature and you will stand out from the crowd because of it.

Its hard not to be happy when you are so excited about something. And the best part is the happiest people will always get more attention and make more sales. It’s just a fact of life.

So go out there and make it an AWESOME day!