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How To Use The Art And Science Of Marketing To Grow Your Business

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Marketing is both an art and science, and a good marketer or marketing team combines creative thinking with analytical thinking.

It’s an art because you have to come up with ideas on what type of campaign to launch, and how to unroll it. It takes a certain amount of ingenuity to do the right thing at the right time.

It’s a science because you can measure the results you’re getting from your campaigns. As a result, you can drop what’s not working and double up on what’s working.

Here are some marketing ideas that you can add to your marketing campaigns going forward:

Bestow Corporate Gifts

Marketing isn’t always about generating leads. It can also be about nurturing your current customer base by showing goodwill. One popular way to do this is through corporate gift giving.

Sometimes a perfect gift isn’t so much what you buy as when you buy it. It’s all about timing and knowing where to source the gift. For instance, a public holiday could be a good time to give gifts. Perfect Feast Corporate Gifts allows you to give customers turkey, ham, or a combination, for holiday dinners.

Get to Know Your Customers

While creating a customer avatar is a good start since it will help you to get an idea about who your customer might be, it’s not enough. You need to go beyond the sketch of your ideal customer and get a realistic idea about them.

The better you know your customers, the easier it is to serve them. But how do you get to know potential and actual customers better?

There are a number of ways to engage with your customer:

  • Use surveys, focus groups, and telephone polls to ask customers direct questions.
  • Choose the right social media to engage with them. The right social media is the one your customers tend to frequent.
  • Encourage people to sign up for your mailing list. By sending your subscribers regular emails, you’ll build a rapport with them.
  • Meet prospects and customers at trade shows, country fairs, and state fairs. Design a booth or set up canopy tents that attract people to find out more about your business. For instance, you can use promotional giveaways to attract people and you can engage their interest by offering product samples or demonstrations.
  • Invite people on your mailing list over for special events. Set a date and time for your event, then send email subscribers an RSVP invitation to your company headquarters. If, for instance, you run a B2B marketing business, invite customers to listen in on a panel of marketing experts discussing their perspective on how customers can get more clients for their respective business. End the evening with a Q & A session.

Educate Your Customers

Besides offering customers goods and services, find ways of providing free education. This could range from how to use your products better to how to get better at some skill that they would love to learn.

Here are some examples:

  • A yoga studio could create a weekly webinar that discusses how to improve one’s life by making new lifestyle choices.
  • A barbell manufacturer could hold gym classes where a famous bodybuilder offers guidance on exercise, diet, and pursuing a career as a bodybuilding competitor.
  • A book publisher could launch an online course that teaches aspiring writers how to break into publishing.
  • A pet food company could offer video tutorials on their website on how to train your dog yourself without needing to take them to a dog obedience school.
  • A clinical hypnotherapist could arrange a cruise trip with workshops, seminars, and private sessions to help people interested in personal growth topics gain more self-confidence.

Extend the Free Line

Corporate generosity can play a large role in winning customers over. There are many ways that a company can be generous with their time, money, workforce, expertise, or other resources.

For instance:

  • A corporation could create employee volunteer teams to help with community projects.
  • A food manufacturer could arrange a series of food samples at major supermarkets in their local area.
  • A weight loss clinic could hire a nutritionist to give away free 30-minute telephone consultations on the phone to help callers make healthier dietary choices.

Putting It Altogether

To summarize: imagination and creativity are necessary to come up with marketing campaign ideas, but meticulous data-gathering and analysis are necessary to measure results and arrive at an understanding of how well things went.

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