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6 Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost Your Online Sales

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Halloween is one of the most popular online shopping days of the year.  Consumers are predicted to spend more than $10.14 billion on costumes, decorations, and candy, both for adults and children and pets!

Spending won’t be limited to Halloween-themed goods either, so how is your business planning to get more sales and have some fun this Halloween?   Maybe you’ve not given it much thought this year, well there is still time to get your marketing initiatives underway to boost online sales this Halloween.

Time is running out for some strategies if you need to use third parties for video production, but you may still find ways to show off your creativity with in-house short videos for your blog and social media. Plus, create and deliver marketing emails and use Halloween SMS templates, to name just a few ways you can reach new eyeballs to pull visitors to your site on this spooky day!

6 Halloween Marketing Ideas To Boost Online Sales

Even the most prosaic business offerings can use humor and entertainment to inspire customers to buy from them.

However, there is a delicate balance between good and poor production and delivery when using humor. Therefore plan in advance what your business will create for its audience so you’re not rushing the creation and risk releasing amateurish work that could damage your brand reputation.

Let’s look at some marketing ideas for your business this Halloween.

1. Make A BOO With Halloween Offers

The Halloween season is the start of holiday marketing and in the lead up to Christmas, use it as a brand positioning statement. Therefore start your holiday campaigns off with some extra special offers.

Use Halloween themed images and banners in your advertising. Plus, make sure your customers know how long the deals are valid.

Countdown Plugin

Consider using a count down app or plugin to create the FOMO (fear of missing out) effect and close sales. There are many count down plugins for WordPress.

While your main goal is Christmas sales, Haloween is an opportunity to reach out to new customers so, get those frightening advertisements, store decorations, custom accessories, and other promotional Halloween items to run off the spooky season.

2. Halloween Landing Pages

Attract new visitors to your site via Halloween themed landing pages. Make sure your branding is prominent, and there are links to your eCommerce store and other high traffic pages on your website.

Short Video Ad

Engage an advertising firm to produce creatives that tell a story for the wow factor. The short video ad that plays as soon as a visitor arrives on the landing page is all that’s needed to get them in the mood.

Plus, there’s nothing to be gained through driving eyeballs to your site if it’s not optimized for mobile. Use these simple tips to ensure that your landing page and website looks good on everything from desktop computers, tablets, and smartphones.

  • Make your Halloween landing pages and website is mobile-ready
  • Give a spooky Halloween theme to your website as well as the landing pages
  • Navigation on mobile and desktop must be intuitive
  • Revisit the website loading speed, so it’s optimum

3. Design Ghasty Social Media Campaigns

This spooky holiday can be a great way to design effective SMM (social media marketing) campaigns.

Businesses spend up large on promoting their brands on social media for special events. Even platforms typically for B2B like Linkedin get into the spirit of celebrating holiday-themed marketing.

Interactive Content

Customize your social channels with spooky visual content such as photos, GIFs, and videos to pique the interest of social media users.

Also, use other interactive content, including contests, games and Halloween-themed quizzes.

4. Treat With Last-Minute Deals

If you’re hoping to give your brand a boost this year, you must stay on the pulse of Halloween trends. The holiday is known for its strange and strange-looking costumes, so why not capitalize on the trend?

Offer something that will give consumers a solid reason to choose your business. One way is to offer a discount on purchases made on Halloween day only, which will work incredibly well if you have particularly seasonal products or relevant to Halloween.

Here are some ideas to leverage last-minute deals:

  • Today-only
  • Discounts available until Midnight
  • Deals end in one hour
  • Ghost discounts for one hour

5. Halloween Themed Email Marketing Campaigns

According to statistics, 91% of customers prefer personalized emails and coupons. As well as your usual email marketing campaigns, add one for this special day. Use professional gifs, images and videos that align with the creatives on your Halloween landing page.


Plus, use personalization to make the email unique to each recipient.  Use your customer discovery data in the email content to prove to each recipient that you know who they are and what they like, need and want.

Sending personalized product recommendations emails to customers, emphasizing the discount, and counting down the days till your sale expires will encourage customers to buy.

Some ideas to design your Halloween email marketing campaigns:

  • Add spicy subject lines
  • Provide Halloween freebies
  • Include suggestions for Halloween-themed products
  • Create FOMO
  • Best of all, do A/B testing before you send it

6. Find Wizards For Business Collaboration

Always be open to collaborations in the business community. Look for events sponsored by a local organization that coincides with a Halloween holiday sale. Join them and help each other’s businesses grow through various channels.

Unfortunately, if no one is making plans, don’t give up. Feel free to suggest special occasions related to Halloween promotions and events in your community. Some best ideas to get started:

  • Organize a Trick-or-Treating Party
  • Organize a pumpkin carving competition
  • Set up a Scavenger Hunt
  • Spread the word about other people’s Halloween-themed content
  • Host a Halloween bash

Final Words

Halloween is a fun time of the year where people get to dress up in different costumes, eat lots of candy and have a whole lot of fun.

What better incentive for your business to commence its holiday season early with a Halloween inspired story campaign that will engage new customers and boost online sales.  It will be fun for your staff too and bring the whole spirit of fun to the company.

Implement these six marketing ideas into your seasonal strategy and go for a record-breaking October!