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How to Make Payments Easier for Online Customers

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For the past few years, the world of retail has been moving more online at an alarming pace. World-renowned companies such as Amazon have now created a huge demand for online shopping which many people are starting to prefer over traditional stores. Rather than drive to a shopping centre and walk long distances to the shops they want, it has become easier to sit at home or on the train and do your shopping. However, with this newfound freedom comes the desire to make the entire process easier, including how consumers pay for items.

Provide Many Payment Methods

It might sound obvious, but some companies only offer one type of online payment method. However, with the wealth of payment options now available online, customers are starting to demand more choices with how they pay. As a business owner, what you choose depends on your customer base, though as a general rule, you should be including credit and debit cards, PayPal and perhaps direct bank transfers. You can also delve into other payment types, including Bitcoin, which is becoming a more popular alternative. Many consumers choose their cryptocurrency through companies like Gemini or Coinbase, but you, as a retailer, can accept them regardless of where your customers purchase their currency.

Account Free Shopping

Many companies now make it a requirement for shoppers to create an account before they can buy anything. For many shoppers, this is an unnecessary delay which will usually put a potential customer off, and they will decide to shop elsewhere. You can make your process easier by not requiring an account to buy something from your company online. All customers will need is their shipping address and maybe an email address, and that’s it! It will suit those impulse buyers and those who don’t have enough time to be filling in lots of information.

Integrate Your Payment Methods

One way to make your payment process more streamlined is to integrate it into your website design. Although you might be tempted to use an outside company to handle your payments, this can be frustrating to your customers. They don’t want to be transferred to another site to make a payment, and some might consider it insecure. Instead, you should take control of your payment options and blend them into your site. You can then have links wherever you want, and they will all lead to your payments page.

Reassure About Your Security

When you are collecting personal information, you are under an obligation to look after that data securely. Your customers will want to know that you are taking diligent care of their data and your policy. You need to make your policy on security available on your website and ensure that all personal information is entered on your site in a secure way. That will make your customers feel at ease and make them more inclined to share their details with you.

Although you may have many store customers, those using your company online tend to shop differently. For them, it’s all about speed and ease of service.