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Factors to Focus on When Creating a Winning Pitch Deck

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A Pitch Deck is a short presentation. You may reach for it when the opportunity arises to impress potential clients. Another use for a winning pitch deck is to present an overview of your business plan to potential stakeholders or investors, So what are the factors to focus on when creating a winning pitch deck? Read on for our insights.

Let’s consider the scenario of raising money for a specific business venture like developing a new service or product.

There’s no doubt the pitch will need to excite investors and get them willing to hear more about your new offering and how it works with your business model and plan. Here are six of the best tips for creating your winning pitch deck.

What to Include in Your Pitch Deck

When looking for investment, it is crucial to ensure that your pitch deck is perfect. Getting a template to guide when creating this essential business document should be the first thing you need to do.

On the other hand, there are some factors you need to make sure are included in your pitch deck to help generate the utmost interest from investors. These factors include:

Your Vision and Value Proposition

The first slide of your winning pitch deck should show the investor your proposition and the value that your product or service will provide to the target market. This is very important as it will help show them why investing in your business is worthwhile.

However, while this section of your pitch is significant, ensure to keep it short and straightforward. In fact, making it a single sentence is the best way to go.

Ensure to describe your business in a 140 or less character sentence. Make it simple and ensure that your vision can be easily understood by anyone listening to you.

While it is wise to compare your value proposition to another well-known company, it is essential to make sure that this comparison is relevant and makes sense. Otherwise, the investor will feel like you are just using a high-profile company to signify growth potential where there is none.

The Problem

It is important to remember that the investor is an entrepreneur, just like you are. This means that they are in it to make some profit in the end too. Therefore, to invest their finances in your venture, they must ensure that the business will be productive.

One of any productive business venture hallmarks is its ability to solve a given need for the consumer. This is why your pitch deck design has to include a slide that outlines a specific problem, the people who have it, and how your product or service aims to solve this problem.

Having a custom pitch deck will help provide a brief overview of the product/service and how it helps solve the customer’s needs.

When creating this section of your pitch deck, making it as relatable as possible is essential. Make sure to include keynotes that make the given problem as authentic as possible. This will help your investors properly understand your business model and its goals, making them more likely to invest in you.

The Target Market

The goal of any business is to make a profit, and this requires revenue from sales exceeding the cost of expenses.

Will your new business venture create more profit? To show it can, you need proof you’ve researched your target market, and there is more than adequate interest in your new offering that will generate sales to grow your bottom line.

Investors understand this, and it is why you have to include a slide in your pitch deck that adequately describes your target market.

The information you will need as evidence of your target market research includes:

  • Customer demographic
  • Market size
  • Market share of similar products, if any exist

Is it a premium offering, i.e. higher sales price, smaller market or a budget product to undercut existing solutions? Investors need to know that you have a specific and reachable target market.

A Solution

As we have seen above, business ventures provide a specific problem that the target consumer has. This means that your pitch deck has to include a slide that properly describes the product or service on offer. Here you get to show how the consumer will use your product and how the given product solves the problems you had outlined earlier.

One of the most common mistakes most entrepreneurs make when creating this section of their pitch deck is focusing on the product rather than the consumer.

However, it is essential to understand that the investors need to see its value or service.

Therefore, when creating this slide, emphasise describing a given problem and how your product will help solve it.

The Revenue Model

Your pitch deck now needs to show how your new offering will be profitable. Investors will want the numbers including:

  • Sales Revenue Forecasts
  • Expected costs and expenses
  • Profit and Loss


Arguably the toughest part of the pitch is asking for the investment. Present the total amount you need and when you need it.

This is just an example of what you’d put into a pitch deck to secure investment for a new offering. There are many more components of a winning pitch deck. Craft your pitch deck according to your goals and audience.

The main aim of creating a pitch deck is to attract customers, stakeholders or investors for your business.