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When Hiring Event Venues Works For Small Businesses

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Perception is everything and hiring event venues for product releases drives sales. Just ask Apple, their PR events get worldwide attention. So why not do as Apple and other powerhouses do and use conference centers and purpose-built venues to an to build your brand and reach a wider customer base?

While more established players in your industry may have onsite facilities to wow suppliers, new hires and customers, you can access the same professional set up when you hire a venue. In addition, renting event space on a needs basis only helps keep the overheads down so SMEs and startups can better manage their cash flow and working capital.

Plus, did you know in-person events can still happen when the venue provides adequate social distancing?

Fewer events are happening, too, so venue hire is more affordable, i.e. less demand and more supply empower businesses to negotiate and get a great deal on venue hire.

Your business can rise up out of its competitors’ shadows and create a strong business presence on a budget. So should your business rent a venue or invest in leasing larger office space? There are pros and cons for both insofar as if you need a room for daily in-person meetings, then leasing the space would be more economical than venue hire.

However, most startups and smaller businesses are downsizing their workplaces, allowing remote working and collaboration tools like Microsoft teams.

Therefore event venue hire is for events that require something special like international conferences, private meetings, product launches, seminars, corporate banquets or gala dinners. Can your business benefit from hiring event space?

Benefits of Hiring A Venue For Events

Hiring a venue for your event as opposed to owning one has a lot of upsides, including:

No overhead costs

When you have an internal conferencing facility, your business has overhead costs for:

  • supplies – bathroom and kitchen facilities
  • utility fees, e.g. electricity, data and voice
  • venue cleaning
  • rates

Renting a venue for your event incurs one fee, and your business is not constricted to that floor plan for all their events insofar as they can select different venues to meet their event needs.


Now all events are the same, and nor are your venue requirements. While your boardroom can accommodate video-conferencing for a handful of onsite attendees, one of the reasons you may want to hire an event venue is to hold a larger in-person event with more attendees.

The pandemic has proven space is necessary. The venue size is important now when you must ensure social distancing for your meetings.

Professional image

With remote working, workplaces are a lot smaller now and so too the meeting rooms. However, hire a venue for the meetings that require more space, professionalism and furnishings your business doesn’t need to invest in.

What’s more, your business is not stuck with just one style. Instead, it can choose different venues to meet the expectations of customers and suppliers and attract new hires.

Today, businesses are using event venues as a branding exercise, where your brand can be seen via background banners. The visual impact can be long-lasting when the banners are professionally created with images and videos shared on social media.

All events are opportunities to market your business, break down barriers and reach a wider audience.


Hosting your business meetings away from your workplace allows work to continue as normal, with no productivity drop. Fewer distractions, interruptions also enables the meeting to progress at a good pace too.


Professional event venues have the latest technology for hosting in-person and online meetings—projectors, monitors, fast internet connectivity, and so much more.


Whether your small business or startup leases space for regular in-person meetings or elects to uses ad-hoc event hire facilities, all business owners know the focus is on doing what’s required to get more done and compete well for more sales.

Workplaces are evolving, and with the need for social distancing, hiring venues with more space for branding or sales activity just makes sense.