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How A Business Coach Can Help You Thrive In Your Business

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Have you thought about taking on a business coach? Continuing your development as a business leader, manager, or owner is not uncommon.

However, further training and support are prerequisites to getting to the next level during your career, so it’s an intelligent choice to engage a business coach as and when you need someone who’s just looking out for you.

So, what can a business coach help you with? Just about everything relating to your role and also the business, including:

  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Sales and revenue growth
  • Managing cash flow and expenses
  • Identifying and managing operational bottlenecks
  • Goal setting

A business coach is similar to a sports coach, teacher, or tutor. You need to realize it is a partnership, that you need to take instruction and receive feedback. Listening to someone else tell you about yourself and how to run your business may take some time.

Why A Business Coach

It’s not just a coincidence that successful entrepreneurs have business coaches and mentors.  There are so many areas in which coaches make a difference, so let’s look at where a coach can help you.

1. A business coach will provide high-level accountability

Accountability in your business is critical for success and is one of the many reasons to hire a business coach. When you lack an accountability partner, it’s easier to procrastinate, reschedule appointments, and shuffle your deadlines to accommodate disorganization.

However, a business coach isn’t your average accountability partner. They won’t just check in with you to see if you got things done on time.

But they will help you create attainable goals, milestones, deadlines, and tasks. They’ll also train you on setting goals, deadlines, and milestones so that you set yourself up for success.

Unlike a friend who acts as your accountability partner, your business coach will dive deeply into why you aren’t meeting your goals or completing tasks on time. Then, they’ll help you create a more effective strategy.

2. A business coach will give you in-depth insight

No matter how much experience you have in your industry, you can always learn something new from a coach. Contrary to what you may think, a business coach doesn’t need to be an expert in your industry to help.

A large portion of business coaching has more to do with time, task, and team management strategies than working with the details of your industry.

Insight is the first benefit you’ll get from a relationship with a business coach. Coaches are skilled in helping people uncover their blind spots.

Blind spots are things you don’t know but are unaware of not knowing.

When you know what you don’t know, you can perform research and study to obtain that knowledge.

For example, you might be storing files containing sensitive data in an unprotected folder on your web server because you don’t know a more secure way to keep your data. However, knowing your file storage method is not secure can help you find a fast solution.

If you didn’t know that unprotected folders might be a security risk, you would need an outside source to tell you that your files are at risk and need a secure solution.

That’s precisely how a business coach will help you. A business coach will point out things you don’t know are an issue. They’ll offer solutions you’ve never heard of and didn’t know you needed. They might even provide deep insight into your industry that you’ve never heard about.

3. A business coach will help you master goal-setting

When you master goal setting, you’ll have a competitive edge in your industry.

How you set goals determines whether you’ll achieve those goals or be perpetually behind schedule. That, in turn, will decide whether your business is booming.

In one survey regarding coaching effectiveness, 62.4% of participants said coaching gave them more brilliant goal-setting skills.

Here are just some aspects of goal-setting you’ll learn from a coach:

Schedule breakdown time between tasks

Never schedule two appointments or tasks back-to-back. Always have at least 15-30 minutes between each item on your daily schedule.

Schedule your meals

Schedule everything in your day, including meals. This makes your day predictable, making it easy to rearrange meetings and tasks without accidentally depriving yourself of breaks.

Schedule your tasks

It’s beneficial to schedule your tasks in blocks. For example, if you’re a website developer, you might schedule 2 hours to set up your client’s WordPress installation, 2 hours to secure the installation, and 1 hour to enable the correct settings.

Never work from a to-do list.

A to-do list is great for collecting tasks you need to complete, but you should never work directly from it. Instead, all to-do list items should be transferred to your daily schedule and placed on time.

Set alarms for your meetings.

Don’t rely on your memory or energy to know when you have a call or meeting. Set the alarm for 15 minutes before your meeting.

Final Words

A business coach is essential for taking you and your company to where you want to go in less time.  You’re using their experience to bypass many everyday business and leadership failures.

You can only go so far on your own. Thankfully, you don’t need to go it alone with the right coach on your side—who knows what you can achieve?