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Traditions Family Restaurant – 5 Reasons to Support Local Oshawa Restaurants Post-COVID

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The COVID pandemic has had a significant effect on businesses of all kinds, but local restaurants have been especially harmed by the restrictions placed on their business model.

While some restaurants have been able to survive on takeout and delivery, others have struggled.

Seating and capacity restrictions have been tough to deal with for many local restaurants.

Regardless, local restaurants complied with these regulations because they were interested in keeping their customers and the public safe from contracting COVID.

As the pandemic restrictions begin to ease, it is more important than ever that you support your local area in much the same way Oshawa residents begin to patronize their favourite local restaurants again, so let’s look at an example of a restaurant supporting its local community in more ways than one.

Traditions Family Restaurant, a popular local restaurant in North Oshawa, Canada, explains the top five reasons why it is important to support local restaurants during and after COVID.

1. Owned By Your Neighbours

Members of your community own local restaurants like Traditions Family Restaurant, and they care deeply about how the community is faring from a social and economic standpoint. They understand that the future of their business depends on meeting the local public’s needs.

When a business is locally owned, it is not subject to large business chains or franchises. All of the restaurant decisions are made at the local level, taking citizens’ concerns seriously.

Local family-run restaurants can adapt their business practices to the community. They support local initiatives like children’s sports teams and other community organizations. They are pillars of the community, and if they were forced to close, the community would be worse off for it.

It is imperative to continue supporting local restaurants both during and after the COVID pandemic.

2. Local Produce and Ingredients

Traditions Family Restaurant gets as much of its produce, i.e. fruit and vegetables, plus ingredients from the local area.

Local produce is healthier because it is fresher, and it is of better quality than ingredients that have been trucked in from a great distance.

The greater Durham Region area has many local farms that produce quality ingredients.

The restaurant gets its eggs from a farm in Ashburn, and it gets its potatoes from a farm in Uxbridge.

Supporting local farmers is another way in which these restaurants strengthen the community.

Farmers depend on restaurants to sell their produce, and when they have no customers, they are likely to experience problems with their business.

3. Boosting Employment

Local family restaurants employ a great many people. When a 200-seat restaurant like Traditions is filled with customers, many chefs, waitstaff, and support personnel are needed to keep running.

These quality jobs are necessary for the community, where many people have experienced pay cuts or job loss during the pandemic. It is hoped that when the pandemic restrictions have eased, those restaurants will immediately run at full capacity and employ the maximum number of local people.

Local businesses also stimulate the economy. Keeping spending in the community means that the revenues will be used for projects that will benefit everyone who lives there.

4. Increasing Oshawa Tax Revenue

In addition to the benefits for businesses and employees, increasing tax revenue helps the community as well. Like Oshawa, communities need tax revenue to “keep the lights on” and work on important local projects.

Schools, roads, infrastructure, fire, and police services depend on the municipal revenues driven by taxes. Without a healthy tax base, municipalities like Oshawa would likely need to cut their essential services and reduce their value to the community.

Local tax revenues support a healthy community from business to healthcare. Spending money at restaurants in your community, especially those not operated by a franchise or a chain, keeps your tax dollars close to home.

5. Lower Carbon Footprint

As in Traditions’ eggs and potatoes, getting ingredients locally lowers the restaurant’s carbon footprint.

Many people are aware of the damaging effect that too much fossil fuel consumption has on the environment, causing global warming and pollution. Getting ingredients from local farms means that the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere is lowered greatly.

Reducing your personal carbon footprint can help you feel good about your effect on the environment. Many people are not aware that their shopping and dining habits could be harming the environment.

Supporting Local Businesses

When people from Oshawa visit their local restaurants, they will receive a great meal and feel good about their community contributions.

The families that own restaurants like Traditions Family Restaurant depend on your patronage to keep their doors open.

While the COVID pandemic has been difficult for everyone, it is hoped that restaurants will return to full capacity soon.

As soon as local restaurants are open again, residents must visit them as soon as possible. This will help businesses, farms, and the local government recover from COVID-related disruptions.

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