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Why Radio Advertising Has A Place In Your Marketing Strategy

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There is no denying radio has a lot of competition for attracting listeners and the all-important business advertising and marketing campaigns for income.

The fact that radio stations still exist today amazes marketers. Still, the same can be said for other platforms for communication, e.g. email marketing and its demise has been predicted for years, yet it is still a top marketing strategy.

So, have you ever wondered why radio stations are still present? Well, people like listening to the radio, especially when they’re driving. If website visitors are a good measurement, top radio stations get a healthy share of eyeballs on their websites and radio advertisers secure promotion online and the air.


Plus radio stations cover and target different demographics, which means they exist and will continue to serve their target audience. Plus don’t fall into the trap of believing the younger generations don’t listen to the radio as this is simply incorrect. Many sources have evidence that drivers irrespective of their age love listening to the radio while they’re in their vehicle.

Radio Advertising has its place in the marketing mix for startups, SMEs and large businesses.

Radio stations offer much different content from news to views, and of course, music and the content are always fresh. Hence, the listener has no idea what will come next, and this is sticky and a great reason for marketers to include radio advertising as part of their client’s branding and sales campaigns.

Did you know…. according to the recent report from Nielsen Audio, there are 272 million people who are still listening to the radio and can keep on listening to the advertisements.

You see, the radio is an everyday companion. Millions of Americans start their day at 6 A.M, turning their radio on with a coffee at hand. They start their day listening to the daily report on the current trends, weather updates, traffic situation, and other relevant stories that they are concerned with. And because of these constant listeners, marketers know how to target them.

Technology is assisting marketers so they can target active listeners with relevant radio advertisements. For example, listeners and radio stations can engage in real-time. Also, Amazon’s AI technology powered virtual assistant Alexa has reintroduced the radio into homes.

Localized Advertising

A radio advertisement has the means and the format to reach many consumers 24 hours a day.

Localized radio adverts work well for businesses with flash sales or promotions. For example, a couple in their car listening to one of Portland Oregon radio stations can hear a radio promotion of a sale at a store near where they are driving and spontaneously decide to drive to the store and make a purchase. What an outcome!

Imagine how effective this advertising is for startups or businesses near an area needing to increase foot traffic.

Promoting Your Brand Via Radio Advertising

All businesses use advertising to increase brand awareness. Digital marketing is visual first and foremost, and radio is auditory, i.e. relies on sound. All marketing needs to appeal to all our senses, and with radio, marketers can get creative and fun with your advertisement.

More thought is required. However, radio advert can engage the imagination of listeners and capture their attention. For this reason, with radio, many marketers focus on formulating captivating one-liners.

You need an effective advertisement that will stick in the memory of the listeners. A tune, an intro, or one-liner that will be a mark to acknowledge your business.

Radio ads are run only for 15 seconds, 30, or 60 seconds, so you must ensure that your advertisement is really unique and catchy. However, it’s the repetitive factor that captures the listeners’ attention.

Repetition is a unique selling point in radio advertising. Also, one good thing with radio ads is that you can buy these spots to effectively promote your brand.


Radio advertising has its place in the marketing mix for businesses of all sizes. Radio is still enjoyed by people of all ages and demographics. Therefore, it is a rich and broad medium, that can drive positive brand awareness and grow sales.

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