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How Professional Marketers Advertise and Market Local Wedding Venues

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About 2.4 million weddings are held in the United States every year.

This makes starting a wedding venue rental a promising venture. Every year has its wedding season when local wedding venues are in high demand. That said, opening a wedding venue can be a huge opportunity if you get the décor and marketing aspect right.

You don’t even have to be a wedding professional to start your own wedding venue business, but having one pro in the team is beneficial. Just like any business, a wedding venue business is competitive and needs serious commitment. However, implementing the right marketing techniques can give you a competitive edge.

In this article, we’ll show you a couple of amazing ways professional marketers advertise their wedding venues. You can then take a leaf out of their book and make your wedding venue business a profitable venture.

How Professionals Advertise Their Local Wedding Venues

A lot goes into advertising wedding venues, but the key focus is highlighting the venue’s aesthetics. Couples want their venues to be a visual spectacle and will be keen on every last detail of the venue. You need to showcase that “wow!” factor when marketing your wedding venue to spark the interest of potential clients.

Besides that, there’s a lot of stuff you also need to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Here’s the correct way to market your wedding venue business:

Create and Optimize an Instagram Profile

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, Instagram is the new wave. This photo-sharing social platform is instrumental in wedding venue marketing. All you need is engaging content and the right images for your profile.

During wedding planning, a majority of your potential clients will spend most of their time online checking out décor ideas, comparing weddings, and telling their friends all about their upcoming wedding. This gives you the perfect opportunity to sneak into their ‘explore’ page and spark their interest in your wedding venue.

However, with Instagram, you need high-quality photos for your page. Don’t focus too much on photographing decorations and the venue. Remember to also capture live moments of actual weddings so that your images have that emotive touch that will hook your potential clients.

Consider hiring a professional photographer to enrich your Instagram page. The photographer can even be part of your business so the wedding couples can hire the photographer’s services for their wedding.

Create Your Own Website

Nowadays creating your own business website is easy and cost-effective. A website is an easiest and most convenient way to engage with your potential customers. From your website, the couples can find all the information they need concerning the local wedding venue.

Remember, your website shouldn’t be just about images of your venue; you have Instagram for that. Apart from the photos, include useful information about your wedding venue services. Include pricing, booking availability, customer service, and catering if applicable.

There are plenty of online resources that allow you to build a website easily with premade templates. However, if you want your website to have a personal touch and unique outlook, hire a web design and development pro.

Give Venue Tours

Tours are an excellent way to market the wedding venue. It allows the bride to envision the actual wedding and get her excited for her big day if the venue suits her taste.

Schedule the tours earlier on so you can have adequate time to prepare for the tours. If it’s for a particular couple, make the extra tour special for them. Make the venue a bit more glamorous and maybe throw in a glass of complimentary wine.

Apart from appointment tours, you can have open days when interested couples come and view your wedding venue. Just because these tours are more general, doesn’t mean you can compromise on quality. Open tours give you the chance to get many clients in a single day.

If you pull off the tour right, you should be expecting a few calls from interested clients later that day or after a few days. Remember to advertise these open tours appropriately so you can have a full house.

Move With Industry Trends

Always keep up with the latest wedding trends to maintain your credibility in the wedding venue business. Wedding trends rarely pass on from one year to the next. Sometimes even changing seasons can affect the prevalent wedding trends.

Fortunately, there are a lot of publications that will update you on all these wedding trends. Plus, the internet is a limitless resource for getting information about the latest trends. Note down everything you think could be a nice addition to your current setup.

Once you’re well acquainted with the current trends, you can add these elements to your venue. Ensure you do so carefully, and practically— any mismatch could be devastating to your entire wedding venue.

Offer Bespoke Services

Most wedding couples want a standout wedding. It is important to have a versatile wedding venue that can accommodate the bride’s wishes. Ensure you declare that you can tailor the venue to the precise specifications of the couple.

A wedding venue business is a promising prospect if you know how to do it right. Since you have the marketing aspect on lock, all you now need to know is how to start a wedding venue, and you can get your wedding venue business up and running.

Marketing Is Crucial to Your Wedding Business

A wedding could be the most important event in a person’s life. Local wedding venues should, therefore, be able to connect with the bride and groom’s desires.

You may have the most beautiful wedding venue in the whole state, but without proper marketing, you’re better off opening a restaurant instead.

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