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Consumers heavily rely on ads and will use them in their decision making. That’s why even big brands have to keep up with marketing, or else they will lose their grip on the market. It is always good to have an idea as to what your consumers would like to see and what platforms they often use.

In the next few weeks, most searches will revolve around Valentine’s Day gifts for him or her. As Valentine’s Day approaches, businesses will work on solidifying their presence in online spaces, as well as other platforms.

Here is what has worked and how you can use these methods to your advantage:

Mobile Advertising

Did you know that people spend at least five hours on their phone? They check for prices, compare items, visit stores, and make purchases from the comfort of their office spaces and homes. You can thus target consumers in real-time, helping you attract buyers while maintaining your authenticity. Examples of mobile adverts include native ads, videos, interstitials, and banners. Nike has reaped a lot of revenue from internet adverts, and their catchy slogan has a lot to do with it.

They work on the principle ‘just do it,’ and this attracts a lot of consumers. If you don’t want to run those five miles because you are sore from yesterday, just do it. It is simple and well-placed to attract their consumers who need that extra push. When advertising, you need to think of how you will solve a problem in the market and communicate this to your target consumers.

TV Ads

While people have shifted from watching TV to streaming videos on their mobile phones, they spend at least five hours glued to the TV. As such, this mode of advertising is yet to lose its appeal. TV adverts boost both visual and auditory senses, and this makes them more credible. An excellent example, in this case, would be the Anheuser-Busch ad, which took the market by a storm.

A simple conversation where the callers would continually yell whassup as they joined the call was all it took. It cracked people up and hugely influenced how people related to each other. It is not uncommon for someone to pick up the phone and go whassup to the delight of the caller. An ad can be simple yet touching if it touches on matters that are dear to the target clients’ hearts.


The use of videos in advertising is rising fast, with more marketers taking on the trend. Videos serve as platforms to inform the audience while presenting the benefits of a product. They are thus memorable and credible, and they influence unsure buyers to make purchases.

An example would be The Eternity Rose’s video, which delves into the benefits of a gold-dipped rose. It speaks to what many people have gone through in their quest for an excellent gift. You have already gifted that special girl flowers, jewelry, candy, and other such things. Now, what you need is something that shows how much you care about her without being cliché. And an eternity rose would serve that purpose. The video is precise, raises brand awareness, and encourages organic shares.

Print Media

Yes, print also carries a lot of weight when it comes to targeting consumers. A good example would be the ‘Think Small’ campaign spearheaded by Volkswagen back in the’60s. At the time, people emphasized on big cars and were thus likely to shun this car. Instead of trying to hide the fact that the car was smaller than was standard, the company embraced the small size. In this manner, they showcased the benefits of small cars while displaying a great deal of honesty. And that earned them significant points in the market which translated to profits.

The long and short of company adverts is that you have to be true to who you are. You also have to think about what your target audience needs from you. If you do not do this, you will not make a considerable impact on the market.