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10 Cool Business Cards You’ll Want to Copy

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Don’t let your business card blend in with the competitions. Instead, check out these cool business cards for some stand-out inspiration!

Everyone talks about websites and social media. But does anyone care about business cards?

While it’s vital to have an online presence, businesses still need offline marketing. That’s because, in spite of what sci-fi movies tell us, human interaction is still the best way to conduct business.

Customers today are shying away from big box companies. Instead, they make their purchases from smaller, more accessible businesses. Because of this, it’s essential for you as a businessperson to have some kind of card on hand.

But to make sure your card isn’t forgotten in a wallet, you need to find a way to stand out. If you’re looking for business cards that make people take notice, check out our list of cool business cards.

Things to Remember When You’re Designing Cool Business Cards

The best business card is a summary of you and your business brand. The more creative you are about displaying this information, the more memorable you’ll be. But there are still style guidelines you need to follow when you’re making your business card.

Don’t Sacrifice Information for the Cool-Factor

The whole point of a business card is to communicate information about your brand. That means your name and contact information needs to display on the card.

Your card can be as cool and high concept as you want, but if no one can read it then it’s not doing you any good.

Keep It Simple

There is a limited amount of space on a business card. That’s why when in doubt, keep it simple. Business cards must fit in a wallet, or they’re a pain to you and your client.

We’re not only talking about the design, either. You might have two phone numbers, a fax number, and an exact GPS location for your desk. But no one needs all that information.

Decide how you want people to find you, either by website, phone, or e-mail. Then use that information on your card, along with your name. It’ll help your card look cleaner, which will help your customer find you.

10 Cool Business Card Ideas

If you like any of these ideas, use them as a starting point. You want to create a card that represents you, not rip off someone else.

1. Construction Cards, or Pop-Ups

One unique way to get a client’s attention is with a construction card. These cool business cards fold into a unique design that reflects your brand.

Piano teachers can have a card that folds into a baby grand piano.

Real estate agents can give out pop up houses with their information on them.

The point is that if you’re creative, you can come up with just about any idea for a pop-up construction card.

2. Cards with Unique Shapes

Awesome business cards stand out, and one way to do that is with a unique shape.

Try to use a shape that reflects your business. If you run a creative business, like logo design or jewelry making, you can use an artist palate shape. This will reflect your creativity.

Even square business cards will grab someone’s attention. This is a great shape for your card if you’re an Instagram marketer. If your logo is a square, use this shape to call attention to it.

3. Colored Edges are Subtle and Eye-Catching

Adding a colored edge to your business card brings a personal touch to the otherwise normal card.

It helps your card stand out in someone’s wallet. Plus it looks great when they’re all stacked together at your conference table.

4. Using Unconventional Materials

If you’re in hardware or home improvement, get a business card that reflects that.

Wooden cards that look like flooring can make a strong point. A card made of roofing material tells your customer exactly what you do. Metal business cards work for contractors and architects alike.

5. Creative Cut Outs Add Interest

Cutouts in business cards are a quick way to look sleek while adding texture to the card.

You can cut out anything you want to emphasize, like your logo or a shape. For example, a hair stylist could have a cut out in the shape of a woman’s hair. She cuts hair, so she cut the hair out of her card.

6. Add a Tactile Element

People love to fidget with things, so give them something to play with.

Landscapers can add texture to their card that resembles a topographical map. If you work in gifts and souvenirs, tie a ribbon around your card.

7. Make Your Awesome Business Card a Fold-Out

One unique business card idea is to make your card a fold-out brochure. You’ll have to make sure the card isn’t too bulky. But it’s a great way to give information to your client.

This is also a good idea if your shop is hard to find, and you want to add a map.

8. Utilize Both Sides of the Card

Much like a mullet, these business cards are business on the front and a party on the back.

Put something attention catching on one side, like a graphic or bold statement. Then use the other side of the card for your information.

9. Use Photos or Illustrations to Your Advantage

Instead of a plain colored card with a small graphic, let a photo do the talking for you.

If you’re a photographer, feature one of your portfolio pieces. If you work as a caterer, display your best dish.

These photos can make a strong impression, which helps people remember you.

10. Get Relative with Your Card

Think outside the box and create a card that is uniquely related to your brand.

If you run a meat and cheese deli, use a card-sized cheese grater with your logo on it.

Magicians can give out their information with business cards that look like playing cards.

There’s a unique idea for every business, but it’s up to you to make it a reality.

Want More Marketing Ideas for Your Business?

You’ve got your cool business cards, but now you want more marketing ideas. Well don’t worry, we have plenty of marketing tips for you. Check out our blog for more ideas on getting your business out there.

We also have tons of other topics that can help you in any area of business. Click here to find out more about us.

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