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How to Create Email Campaigns that Convert Consistently

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Ever since the first days of the internet, companies have tried to win customers over by emailing them. Unsurprisingly, the nature of email marketing has changed a lot since the late 1990s. However, businesses still value email contacts and seek to connect with consumers via this medium. With that in mind, today we’ll explain how professional marketers can create email campaigns that inspire consumer action and generate lots of conversions consistently. If you use email in any of your marketing efforts, then this blog post is for you!

Audit Your Mailing List

Who you decide to email can prove just as important as what you eventually say to them. Indeed, not all leads are good fits.

Just because you have access to a consumer’s email address doesn’t mean you should necessarily spend time and money trying to get their business. Customers who haven’t even opened one of your emails in an eighteen-month period, for instance, aren’t likely to suddenly change their mind about your business.

Given that fact, it’s reasonable to “purge” bad leads from your mailing list every so often so you can focus on a smaller –– but more interested –– set of leads. Lastly, it’s not a bad idea to send one final “break-up” email before you remove a subscriber from your list.


It can be straightforward for marketers to fall into the trap of sending very similar sounding emails. And, after a while, consumers will inevitably begin to tune out your message –– no matter how on point it is. That’s why it’s crucial to diversify your efforts. Sending out a wider array of emails with varying subjects and calls to action will help you reach a wider target group.

Prioritize Subject Lines

The success or failure of any given marketing email depends largely on the efficacy of its subject line. There’s no magic formula for creating subject lines that resonate with consumers. Yet, it’s positively imperative to write compelling –– and accurate –– subject lines. Failing to do so will undermine basically all of your other efforts. Consider collaborating with your team to find innovative solutions to this problem.

Provide Value

Whether you’re trying to promote STD testing same day services or personalized chocolate boxes, all marketing emails have to deliver some degree of value. In business, you rarely get something for nothing. So if you want to inspire your customer base to take action, you must give them a solid reason to do so. Special discounts, free benefits, and early access to products or marketing content are all effective incentives that savvy marketers can use to produce conversions. So keep these suggestions in mind moving forward!


Email marketing is a commodity, and one of the most used strategies to communicate and market products and services.  However, it’s straightforward to get it wrong and when you do your email list, subscribers can unsubscribe, and can no longer contact them.  Therefore it’s important to keep evolving your email content. No matter what your business or non-profit provides you still need to make sure you’re providing value, and that the emails are relevant to the recipient.  When you get the content right, you’ll see a rise in the conversion of your emails and your business see a healthy return on investment.