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5 Primary Uses Of Intranet In Business Teams

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An intranet’s main purpose within an organization is to simplify processes. Business owners invest in corporate intranets to improve company-wide communication. You also might invest in this type of digital platform to improve your productivity. They come equipped with plenty of collaboration tools that boost efficiency among teams.

Improving productivity for your business is essential as companies across the board implement more advanced technologies. To keep up with the latest innovations and other productivity-minded companies, you need to take advantage of your intranet. Learn about the primary uses of intranet in business teams by reading this post.

Content Management

Businesses use intranets for content management. While your intranet is not classified as a content management system (CMS), it offers similar functions. Since it is known as the business information center, it acts as a great location for storing crucial company content.

The best intranets allow you to do more than just store your documents, videos, and images. You can also organize your information with tags, keywords and search term tools. Moreover, some intranets use version control tools. They enable business owners to monitor project progress easily. Content management is one of the primary uses of intranet for businesses.

New Hire Training

Corporate intranets also simplify processes for human resources departments. Your HR team can use your intranet for new hire training. They can collaborate to plan out onboarding tactics. HR professionals also schedule onboarding programs on the intranet. On top of these training benefits, you can even train your new workers right on the digital workplace.

Multiple new hires can watch training videos and review company documents at once. Additionally, your HR team can monitor training progress by using the intranet’s tracking features. Use your corporate intranet to accelerate your hiring process.

Community Establishment

Furthermore, businesses use intranets to establish community. Culture plays a major role in any company’s success. Without a defined culture, you cannot effectively build a productive, reliable team. Your business needs to build a community in order to create a positive culture. Fortunately, the intranet makes establishing a community easy. It offers numerous outlets for you to display company values.

You can even showcase your company’s stats as your brand grows. This shows workers how much they impact the overall growth of the business and motivates them to continue working hard. Build a hardworking, honest culture with your intranet. It is one of the primary uses for the digital workplace for good reason.

Business Communication

Consider using your intranet for business communication as well. According to this intranet definition, the primary usage promotes collaboration within teams and throughout the entire company. The intranet does allow each department to communicate with one another easily using a combination of internal sites and users. However, the communication tools also enable departments to work together on team or cross-departmental projects.

With video chatting, instant messaging and voice tools right at your fingertips, the collaboration opportunities seem endless. Your sales and marketing teams can work together without even leaving their workstations. The same goes for managers across every department within the company. Save time and get more work done by using your business intranet for communication.

Staff Scheduling

In addition to the above uses of intranet for business, create schedules with your platform. Schedule management comes with various difficulties. On top of scheduling your workers for typical work weeks, you also need to consider holidays and approved time off dates. When business owners attempt to plan team events, scheduling becomes even more strenuous.

Fortunately, you can improve your schedule management with your intranet. Intranets allow you to view each employee’s personal schedule on the same platform. You no longer need to switch back and forth between dashboards to plan out a reliable schedule. Take your planning to the next level and save yourself time for other activities. Use your intranet for staff schedule management.

Businesses use corporate intranets to improve processes on a company-wide scale. One of the primary uses for intranets entails managing documents, videos and images. Human resources teams use intranets to accelerate the onboarding process through advanced new hire training.

Business owners establish community and, therefore, culture by posting team values on their digital workplaces as well. You can even improve communication within teams and between departments with the proper intranet tools. Finally, use your intranet to improve your staff scheduling management. Keep these primary uses of intranet for business in mind as you work toward creating a more productive, culture-driven company.