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4 Technology Must Haves For Small Businesses To Compete With Their Big Rival

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With the increasing number of small businesses, the entrepreneurship climate is getting more saturated and competitive as the years progress. Aside from people venturing out to give something new and innovative to the market, technology has been a great help to entrepreneurs.

But with every small business taking advantage of the available technology, how would you stand out? The key here is to look for technologies that make you more efficient and transparent at least among your colleagues.

There are a lot of technologies out there that offer these things for your small business, but if you aren’t tech savvy, how do you know which one to use for your business? To make things easier for you here’s a compilation of the top technology must-haves that can make you more successful than the rest.

#1 Dropbox

Because of the existence of the cloud, file-sharing via flash devices is starting to become obsolete (except if you’re sharing such a big file or application). Dropbox is one of the most trusted file-sharing and cloud storage applications where files can easily be seen by anyone who has a link.

What makes Dropbox very helpful is that it is so much easier to update and to revise items because files are easily synced to all the devices connected to it. When you’re working with a group, you’ll find it a lot more convenient for everyone since they will have access to all the files that are needed. No need to send documents around, back and forth, over and over again.

#2 Slack

Another application that helps improve collaboration in a small business is Slack. More commonly known as a messaging app, Slack has features that go beyond individual and group messages.

One of the features of Slack that makes it stand out is its fun approach to communication. It didn’t follow the norm of just having texts sent from one person to another. Instead, it has a lot of emoticons/emojis that can help you motivate your colleagues.

#3 Quora

Quora is the premier Q&A forum for all business-related topics. When you’re only starting out and have a lot of questions regarding your industry, you can just post a question and you can expect an answer from a wide range of business people. To add to that, this forum has a wide range of topics that you can consult with. Take, for example, you are in the logistics industry like If you have questions on how to make deliveries more cost-effective, post a question and Quora can connect you with people who are knowledgeable.

What makes it different from using search engines? Unlike search engines, Quora requires users to share their credentials and other relevant information whenever they take part in a forum. This allows more credibility to be seen.

#4 Square

Of course every business, big or small, needs customers. How can you convert leads to actual customers if your paying methods are limited? Square solves this problem of yours. The app is a credit card reader that allows you to generate sales wherever you go. No need for the actual machine and the added labor just to generate sales.

If you have big dreams about your business, you can be closer to reality by being a smart entrepreneur. Just be sure to have the right tools like those listed above and make good use of them to stay ahead of the competition.