Why You Need a CompSci Degree to Make Money in Business

sciencedegreeYou might pay rent on office space for your company, but more likely than not, your company actually exists online. It’s not just you: Nearly every business is digitizing, and it is happening at an astonishing rate. Email, virtual meetings, smart scheduling, e-commerce, cloud storage, and so many more digital processes have transformed the way companies function, and it is becoming ever-more impossible to run a business without fully comprehending how computers work.

Computer science is the study of how computers work. If you want your business to thrive – or if you want to start a business that has a chance to survive – you need to study CompSci. Here’s why.

You Will Learn Why Your Current Technologies Don’t Work

There are hundreds of ways business technologies fail. Programs freeze and crash, servers melt and die, and devices experience any number of catastrophes, from spills to falls to improper updates. Even worse, technologies can fail to provide appropriate services, preventing your workforce from achieving the efficiency and productivity it is capable of. More likely than not, your business will experience every single type of failure, setting you back each time it happens.

When you are educated with an online MS computer science, you will gain the ability to diagnose your tech troubles. With an understanding of the source of the failures, you can begin working to overcome them – and eventually prevent them entirely (though not everything is preventable). A CompSci degree provides a foundation in technology that will enhance your business’s resilience in the face of tech disasters, so your business will spend less time playing catch-up after a malfunction or mistake.

You Will Learn About Better Technologies

Every year, technology advances. Businesses and consumers alike are gaining access to more and more incredible products and services that ease essential processes. However, as new technologies appear, the old ones remain viable ― if slightly less valuable in the changing business landscape. Thus, those businesses that utilize applicable digital tools sooner gain an edge on their competition, and those ignorant of technological advances are left to despair. Recent history is riddled with such tales: Blockbuster, Kodak, Borders Booksellers, and more.

Computer science programs are designed to educate students about computing technology, and because the industry is developing so rapidly, most programs provide students with the skills to locate and understand emerging trends. Therefore, CompSci grads are better equipped to discover faster, stronger, and better tech first, giving their businesses advantages in their markets. When your workers have the best devices and programs at their fingertips, they will become more efficient, and your business will become more profitable.

You Will Learn How to Customize Your Own Technologies

Perhaps the most significant boon granted to CompSci entrepreneurs is the opportunity to develop their own technologies. A significant portion of computer science degree programs is spent learning how devices function, which includes practice constructing computing resources and using computer languages to complete digital tasks most efficiently.

This knowledge and skillset is useful in business in a number of ways. The tech industry itself is exploding, and with a majority of startups based on digital services or products; therefore, a CompSci-savvy entrepreneur is able to compete in tech markets with his or her own concepts for applications and devices. Even outside the tech world, having a background in computer science is essential to the development of custom software and platforms that pertain particularly to the processes your employees use. In either event, your Compsci degree is obviously valuable.

You Will Save Money on IT Solutions

The average small business spends more than 7 percent of its revenue on IT services. Mid-sized companies spend roughly $13,100 per employee. IT is expensive ― but it is also important. An IT team performs all those services below:

  • They respond to technology failures and provide ongoing maintenance
  • They offer advice to help businesses stay technologically relevant
  • They provide personalized solutions for business processes

Therefore, if you and your fellow workers are already well-educated in computer science, you can slash your business’s IT budget significantly. By saving money in IT, you can reinvest in other aspects of your business that will provide more growth and profits in the future.

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