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9 Subscription Business Ideas That’ll Turn a Tidy Profit

almonds for business

You might have heard that the subscription business model is a great way to make consistent income. You’re spot on to think that subscription money is a great way to earn an income and decrease the amount of work you have to do to acquire customers over and over again.

You might not be sure what type of subscription business you should start, so you’re here — looking for subscription-based business ideas to get your start. We understand that the well of creativity can run dry from time to time, and we’re here to help.

Continue reading this article and learn about ideas for your new subscription business.

Show Me the Money

When you’re building your subscription business, you need to think about things people need, but you can also think about things that people want. Many people will go without things they “need” instead of things that they want.

The ideas below may fall into one category or the other or both, so keep an open mind as we go through the information.

1. Healthy Snacks

I’m sure you’ve got bored with eating your normal healthy snacks before.

Almonds… Almonds… Almonds.

Oh, and hey, look! Whoops, no. Almonds again.


Other people just like you are trying to stay healthy, but their boring snack choices keep knocking them off the rails and over to the local Starbucks they go. One lemon cake slice, please. And an old-fashioned glazed doughnut.

Save clients from themselves by delivering healthy snacks via subscription boxes. Delish!

2. Fashion Fun

OMG. You look so fabulous.

That’s what everyone wants to hear when they meet up with their friends for a fancy lunch. Unfortunately, they haven’t been able to find any cute new outfits that fit with their style.

There are thousands of people that hate having to put together their own outfit. Going out of the house and trolling through wracks and wracks of clothing isn’t everyone’s idea of fun.

If you don’t want to deal with an overload of other mall shoppers, you can bet your flats there are others that feel the same way. Fashion subscription boxes are a lot of fun and who wouldn’t enjoy getting the perfect look straight to their door?

3. Beard, Beard, Baby

If your potential clients are ready for some cool looks, it’s time to take care of those beards. Delivering various beard combs, balms and butter to your bearded clients is sure to have them look amazing.

They’ll be proudly stroking their beards out in public pondering how they were able to get such fabulous whiskers.

4. Spice Up Your Life

Do you ever feel like you keep eating chicken? Chicken with the same spices? You love chicken, but why does it have to be boring?

Getting a monthly spice box can help even the most stubborn, set in their spice ways cooks to give something fun and new a try. You never know — you might find your new favourite in your monthly spice box. Yum!

5. Equipment Rental

When businesses are getting started out, many times, they don’t have the budget to buy necessary equipment. This is where you come in and rent the equipment they need.

Whether they need forklifts, delivery trucks, CNC machines or any other equipment to run their business, you can get paid month after month while they use it.

In this type of subscription business, you might have to send people out to maintain the equipment, depending on what it is that you’re renting. You always want to keep your things in good repair, and you could make a pretty penny off large equipment rentals.

6. Childcare

Parents just want to have fun. While kids can be fun, sometimes parents need a little help. Start a subscription service where they can pay a monthly rate and get so many credits toward babysitting to redeem whenever they want with reputable and prescreened childcare experts.

7. Meal Kits

You’ve probably seen more than a couple of meal kits. There is a good reason for it, and that is because people love having their meals put together, so they aren’t spending a lot of time trying to figure out what they want to eat, where to get ingredients and other annoying parts to meal planning.

You don’t have to do your meal kit subscription plan the same as other people. You can put a unique spin on your meal kit so you can give yourself an advantage over the competition.

8. Pet Treats

Pets love the variation in their lives too. A monthly treat subscription will have fido or ms. Kitty waiting at the door, excited for what’s coming.

You can do cute little themes and things that make it fun for the owner to open as well.

9. Pet Toys

To go along with the above idea, pet toys can be a lot of fun to get in a subscription box. And face it — our pets tear their toys up a lot.

Help a pet owner out and have their pet toys come right to their door.

Which Idea Is Going to Work Best for You?

Now that you have so many great ideas — pick one and get started. Make sure you have important parts of your business in a place like subscription billing, your website and how you’re going to market your business.

Once you have these things together, it’s time to start making money. Congrats and have fun with your new business.

Subscription Business Ideas Are a Winner

So long having to close new customers every month just to say afloat. These subscription business ideas are sure to help you keep the cash flowing.

Want even more ideas for your business and life in general? Browse our site, find your favourite section, drop a bookmark and come back soon for more great reads.

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