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How To Leverage Instagram To Make Your Startup Stand Out


Statistics show that Instagram has 100 million daily users- from teens to grannies, the reason why marketers are focusing on and seeing a great potential on it. According to Expanded Ramblings Research, this platform has approximately 400+ million users, 30% of the U.S population uses it, and 49% of whom are adults.

Having known the numbers, Instagram is a great marketing platform everyone can use. Unlike Facebook, commercializing on it is very simple, yet creates a powerful and blowing results. A simple photo or story, once enhanced or marketed properly, can make a difference to the whole business or organization.

How to best leverage Instagram if you’re just starting?

For starter, Instagram is for free and everyone can market on it for free. You just need to download the app, use the business account if you are selling a product or service, use proper tools, and execute.

Use Proper Hashtags

A hashtag is a simple word/s powered with the symbol “#”. It comes with heavy value in eCommerce marketing which is why it is widely used on Instagram so a product or service can have its own brand and classification. Yes, a simple hashtag can brand a product or service because it gives authority and identity to the product and service itself.

The hashtag once used regularly along with the product and service will eventually be their promotional tag that reaches new customers and existing followers.

When visitors search for that particular hashtag, the product or service will surely exist in the search result.

What’s good about a hashtag? Using the hashtag in marketing is for free. Anyone and everyone can create their own hashtag for their brands and services and claim them as their own. However, take note that, not all hashtags are generating and lucrative hashtags. Some are dead and some are unpopular, so proper usage and selection of hashtags to be used are very important especially in marketing.

There are hashtag generator tools that are extremely helpful to those who want to be noticed on IG. One example is the Hashtags For Likes. This website generates hashtags according to the topic and nature of the content. Its database is regularly updating so users are given only the popular and on trending hashtags.

The selection of hashtags they are generating are superb and give exposure to other IG users.


Build An Empire Of Followers

The success of an IG account is measured through the number of its followers. However, one should not be fooled as there are accounts with many followers but not successful.

Most of these accounts are with IG bot followers. IG bots are system software that was designed to automatically follow, likes, and comments on any account. They do not have real engagement, thus not creating any help in getting organic results. Luckily, this system is already dead due to a violation of IG’s terms and conditions.

Still, there are ways on how to build an empire of followers on Instagram aside from buying fake followers. There are online services that offer assistance from a real human. The growth of an IG account is according to the budget of the account holder. These services find ways on how to make an IG account reach their desired followers and audiences.

Use Photos, Stories With High Visual Impact

Hashtags and followers will be nothing if the content of the account is not visually appealing and catching. They say “the first impression lasts”, which is true especially on Instagram where everything is visual. To create content that is visually appealing, uploading raws is not enough. Use editing tools that can process your photos and stories to become more artistic and double-tap worthy. Some tools that can help in enhancing are VSCO, Canva, and Over.

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