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Benefits of Using Facebook Audience Insights to Get Better ROI

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Do Facebook audience insights sound familiar to you?

Most of the online sellers consider this concept or tool as similar to Facebook page insights, which is not the case.

The page insights show the number of people who like the page, comments or shares, whereas Facebook audience insights show the number of users connected to your page as well as active in the past month on Facebook.

Audience Insights tool helps the online sellers and marketer to get the most relevant audience that could become your potential customer effortlessly.

The marketer and online sellers are gaining numerous benefits hitting the bullseye in targeting the most relevant audience with the assistance of this Facebook tool. It is so easy to use even the newbie can get helpful insight and enjoy its benefits.

Facebook audience insights give an excellent opportunity to optimize the social media ad campaign and help the marketers to improve and modify their campaigns to achieve better results.

Find out what benefits you can have from Facebook Audience Insights tool.

The Valuable Facebook Data

The data is the real wealth in this digital age. The more and relevant information you have about your users, the better you can strategize your marketing functions in no time. Audience insights provide valuable data that can surely increase the ROI by using it in the right way.

You can easily segment your audiences in the Facebook Ad Manager by using insight tool that is based on some points that are:

  • Demographics – Age & Genders
  • Location – Country, City & Regions
  • Active Time – The time in which the user is active
  • Types of Devices – Segmenting user by devices (e.g., Mobile & Desktops)
  • Education & Relationship

You can use these points to make the audience narrow to get one-step closer to identifying the potential customer for your business.

Generally, marketers target a broader audience in the initial phase, but with the use of these points, you can run campaign more effective by figuring out the potential audience in the start.


Get Information from Top Pages

In this tool, you can look at the top pages that have more chances to be liked by your targeted audience. Along with the pages, the insight tool also shows the categories of these pages that can help you to create your campaign as per your audience preferences.

Also on the same page, you can view the pages that have been ranked by relevancy and affinity score.

The affinity score is based on the relevancy – the higher relevancy means the higher affinity score. This valuable data can easily guide you where your target audience exists.

Keeping an Eye on Competitors

You can easily have a quick look at the top performing businesses of a particular niche by entering a keyword in the interest section within audience insights.

In the interest section, you only need to enter the keyword of your niche, such as Health and Nutrition. Once you open it, you can see the top performing page of this particular interest, as I have mentioned earlier. It will help you figure out who are your competitors and who are leading the market in a specific niche.

Once you get to know your competitors, all you need to do is go their pages and analyze their content and the social media strategy that would help you to strategize your own social media strategy.

Final Thoughts:

Getting success in running Facebook campaign takes some time that usually starts with running an ad on a broad target audience, retargeting, and then makes the custom audience after getting the data from the campaign. Facebook marketing works in this manner.

The Audience Insights optimize Facebook marketing functions by providing much relevant information in the first place that allows the marketer to save time and increase the changes better ROI.