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Achieving Your Digital Marketing Goals

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The world of digital media and marketing has come a very long way in a short time. Less than twenty years ago the internet was in a fledgeling state, there were websites and eCommerce was even a thing. However, penetration was low, connectivity speeds were low, and overall the digital world was still very much second to more traditional approaches. But no longer.

With the rise of smartphones and advancements in the fibre optic space, it is now digital that is front and centre and dominating the world of media and marketing. So, if you are looking to build a brand or market a product, digital needs to be a core part of your plan. But how do you do this? Here are a few tips to help set you on the right path.

Partner with experts

It is okay to not be an expert in everything. So many successful people get to where they are by recognizing what they don’t know and partnering with those who do. The key here is to understand enough to realise how important digital communication is and to then find a digital marketing company that fits with your mindset.

In your search, look for relevant information on websites. For instance, view customer reviews and case studies. Remember, when working with suppliers, it’s a partnership. For it to work, you need to know enough about them as they will need to know about you and your business, so together you can develop and implement strategies that will help to grow your brand.

Not a nice to have

A digital strategy is not something nice to have. It cannot be an after-thought. It needs to be front and centre and a key part of your integrated marketing plan. Your website is probably the first touchpoint that potential customers will have with your brand and the way you present and package yourself online needs to fit seamlessly with how you do so in print or broadcast. The old way of having multiple teams handling different platforms is a thing of the past, it is now about integrated solutions, and digital is very much at the centre.

Stay up to date

Read and stay up to date with the latest developments in the space. Digital is evolving rapidly, and it is straightforward to be left behind. Quite simply, there is no room for complacency. An old adage suggests that if you want to stay first, then you have to practice and work as if you were second. So read, attend conferences, network and experiment. Think big, act fast and fail quickly. This is the way of the digital era, to move slowly and do not try hard enough is to wither and die.

Assess constantly

Digital marketing gives you the data to make the right strategic decisions. You can allocate a budget for your trial and error actions without losing the lot on channels and marketing that doesn’t work.

Social Media

SMM (social media marketing) needs a good chunk of your budget. Include professional fees for an SMM expert. Here is a link to our search results for ‘Social Media Marketing’ where we have a multitude of high-value tips and views on how to get found and grow your business.

Now, you can look at what responses your campaigns are getting, you can tweak and adjust in real-time and you can modify and change accordingly. If a campaign is working well spend more; if results are bad call time. These are all decisions that can be made in an instant based on the data that digital channels have available for you.

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