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Tips to protect your business data assets

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Hacking by strangers and workers as well as other fraudulent activity is in every industry so your business whatever it’s size could be in the line of fire so to speak at some stage during it’s lifetime.

Being prepared is being forewarned of activity that is a breach so you can take action before it harms your business.

There are various types of fraud and undesired action that harms a company including: financial statement fraud which is the overstatement of revenue and assets; understatement of liabilities; skimming of cash; misuse of company assets; plus loss of intellectual property and data and finally stealing of intellectual property and trade secrets. Therefore it’s no surprise Online fraud is more prevalent than ever before.

Here are some tips on how to be forearmed and in control of your business when it comes to online activity that could devastate your business.


On our blog we have lots of articles on how to keep your business systems secure. This article answers the question why is Cybersecurity important? Plus it gives tips on how to improve your own set up, so it’s a great first read for any business.

Data Protection

Even if you’ve had your head in the sand, it’s hard to ignore the publicity on the need for data protection and compliance with the various laws now in play including the GDPR. This article titled: 8 Tips for Protecting Your Business’ Sensitive Data is a step by step strategy for getting your campaign underway.

Online Payments

Stealing money is now done online than physically robbing a bank like the good ole days. Understanding the security concerns of online payments is a great read. It covers how the online ecommerce system works and where your business needs to focus to ensure compliance with credit card transactions.

PCI compliance is critical as noted here by PCI security consultant Marc Krisjanous.

All online businesses with payment gateways need to be PCI compliant in accordance with the PCI Security Standards Council.

Anti-virus and Firewalls

The rise of BYOD (bring your own devices) in the workplace has had many a IT team wondering how to keep the business’s systems safe when accessed by worker’s own devices. This article on: Virus protection on all devices will give you the know how and confidence to embrace the BYOD trend.

Firewalls and spam filters also go a long way in warding off unwanted emails and access to your business systems and data.

WordPress Security Tips

WordPress is by far the most popular CMS system and it’s open source so arguably is open to more hacking attacks.

However it’s community of developers keep it reliably safe to use and here are: 9 of the best WordPress security tips

Workplace Security

The physical area your business occupies i.e. the buildings also needs to be secure and in this article 8 Reasons Why Physical Workplace Security Is As Important As Cybersecurity there are tips on how to keep your physical assets like computer hardware, office furniture etc are provided.

Plus there’s the exterior of the building to protect and monitor. In this article: 3 ways to protect your business, everything from cameras, to motion sensors, monitored alarms and access control systems are mentioned.


There many more strategies for keeping your business protected against fraudulent and criminal activity. This article provides the basis from which you can work on a security plan to covers your online systems, Internet access especially via BYODs, and the workplace.

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