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Virus protection on all devices

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Most of us use laptops, tablets, smartphones along with more than one operating system these days. Pre-emptive internet safety is no more restricted to a single device protection.

General usage of the Internet, instant messaging, email, web services and social sites is extensive and hence greater is the need for Internet security software for safe online activities. Security solutions with an adequate level of protection against malware must be reliable, usable, capable of comprehensive protection and operable in aggressive constantly changing environment.

Malware and security threats keep lurking irrespectively of the device and the OS type, so not just laptops and PC but also mobile devices need to be protected against hackers attack. With digital identity and financial data at stake investing in a robust multi-device antivirus protection has become a must.

To safeguard devices over the internet, antivirus software is the first step to combat virus attacks and virus removal.

Antivirus programs must scan devices, all their files along with external devices for possible threats coming through the internet. Choosing an authentic, valuable and trusted antivirus is imperative but unfortunately not all antivirus products are reliable.

Also you might have to purchase a separate license for each device. So if you wish to buy at a reasonable cost for multiple devices as well as use the best antivirus take a look at the below multi-device antivirus software list.

Norton Security

  • Feature packed Norton product is compatible with PCs, Mac, Androids and iOS devices. Single license works for upto 10 devices including smartphones.
  • All advanced anti -virus features like safeguarding the identity and online transactions, kids friendly and safe  internet exploring, and common anti theft and anti -virus features.
  • Enhanced browser protection without any plugin.
  • 25 GB of secure PC cloud backup provides additional backup against ransomware.
  • This PC backup and family safe antivirus comes at price of approximately 90 dollars.

F-Secure Safe

  • Multiplatform security suite for Windows, Mac, Android devices ,iOS and Windows phones, works with up to 7 devices.
  • F-Secure are committed for betterment and are progressing by refining its products.
  • Provides online browsing protection, internet crime and theft protection and scans for malware each time you boot the device.
  • Additional features like protection of privacy information and parental control.
  • Best technology at fair price.

AVG Zen Ultimate

  • Zen platform launched by AVG is capable of managing multi-devices remotely from anywhere.
  • AVG Protection, AVG Performance and AVG Ultimate are three Zen enabled services that are multi-device enabled and work for unlimited number of devices.
  • AVG Ultimate combines features of  AVG Protection, and AVG Performance with Privacy Fix.
  • Tune-up feature makes this product outstanding.
  • Although the product is free the monthly free trial is up to 30 days after which tune-up and other features are not available as just the basic antivirus remains.


  • Allows you to protect Windows PCs and laptops, Mac devices, Android smartphones or a tablets. You need to use the activation code for Kaspersky Internet Security.
  • Provides simple straightforward protection for up to 5 devices.
  • Comes with a paid subscription for 1, 2 and 3 years.
  • Remotely scans the whole network /specific devices for viruses and  can update antivirus databases on all devices at once.
  • Anti-malware coverage for Windows,OSX and Android are phenomenal.
  • Lacks windows tune-up tools, web-based dashboard and iOS protection.

Bitdefender Family Pack

  • Lets you protect unlimited household devices and is ranked number 1.
  • Advanced features like USB immunizer, Anti-Ransomware, anti theft and improved parental advisor.
  • Each component needs to be installed separately using Weblink. Hence extra steps to download and install.
  • It can be set to autopilot mode and can act silently as well as take decisions automatically.
  • Deletes treats safely, masks bank account information and includes a firewall.
  • It comes with affordable subscription prices but costs extra for parental controls.

MCAfee  Livesafe

  • Well known brand of Intel Corporation. One of the top multi-device security suites that protects unlimited devices per license.
  • Comes with anti theft and basic antivirus features for pc and smartphones.
  • It comes with secure online cloud backup and additionally also includes password manager for Android.
  • They have both paid subscription and free trial versions.

Despite of the fact that mobile manufactures, operating systems, internet browsers strive to enhance the levels of security to avoid virus attacks; responsibility still rests with users to keep viruses away. Like we saw above many anti-virus applications are sold while there are also a few free online.

Preventive measures against virus attacks are important along with limiting data loss in the event of a virus attack on any device by backing up data and emails onto a storage device.

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