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Are You Doing Dynamic Retargeting the Right Way?

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Many mobile app marketers know that even if they have the best applications, advertisements or products, users who were once engaged are inevitably going to drop off.

Losing these once-active users is a big problem for obvious reason; including loss of revenue. But in that “problem” is also an opportunity. These ex-users represent a perfectly primed audience for your app marketing.

Consider this. They have already downloaded your app and engaged with your offerings, which makes them an ideal audience to reintroduce to your offerings. You can and should re-engage and nurture past users into performing a new action or making another purchase through dynamic product retargeting.

Despite the immense opportunity, a lot of people fail to retarget users; even though retargeting advertisements are 76 percent more likely to be clicked on compared to a standard display ad. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to dynamic retargeting. Some people will take the easy way out and just reuse advertisements that already ran. This is a bad strategy.

To really draw in your retargeting audience, you should go the extra mile to maximize your ROI and reach.

What Does Successful Dynamic Retargeting Look Like?

The key to successful dynamic retargeting starts with existing customer data.

Customer data lets you figure out the type of people who ultimately did not make a conversion or purchase and begin to understand what might entice them to come back.

Craft Beautiful Advertisements

If you’re using generic advertisements for your retargeting campaign, you’re doing things wrong. Users won’t be convinced to follow through on a purchase after seeing a basic ad.

Take the time to create retargeting advertisements with imagery and clever sales copy to address potential customer objections. Speak with your sales team to learn about common customer hesitations or dig through online product reviesws to see people’s comments.

Create Urgency

Since retargeting campaigns focus on users that have already interacted with your app or product, you know they at least had an initial interest in your offering.

Now, the key is to create a sense of urgency to entice them to take the plunge and buy something. Integrate FOMO (fear of missing out) into your dynamic retargeting advertising copy to get people to make a quick decision.

Focus on smart themes. For example, verbiage and images related to clocks and countdowns work well.

Offer Enticing Discounts and Coupons

People love feeling like they took advantage of a good sale. The smartphones make it very easy for audiences to comparison shop products. Encourage them to return to your app by offering discounts and coupon codes for your products.

Offering some sort of discount as part of your dynamic product retargeting plan can reap big dividends, especially if initial audiences were a little put off by the starting selling price. Better prices also encourage retargeted users to actually complete a purchase and not abandon their digital shopping carts.

Move Forward and Retarget Users

Taking the time to accurately retarget users can have a significant impact on your bottom line and boost your prospects for more repeat buyers.

There are a lot of platforms businesses can take advantage of to help with dynamic product retargeting, not to mention a bevy of re-engagement companies that can take the reins for you.

Retargeting can come in many shapes and forms, but good campaigns are attractive campaigns that will result in re-engaged users and, ultimately, higher conversion rates.