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How Packaging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing And Sales Mix

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When it comes to your marketing and sales, you probably have a whole host of things that you do to keep things moving along nicely and continue getting the results that you want.

You’re probably using SEO, PPC, social media, and more to make sure you’re reaching the people that you really want to reach. However, have you considered that packaging should be part of your marketing and sales mix?

You must know that your packaging is important, as it has to stand out on the shelf and attract your target audience. That much is clear to any business owner. However, are you taking the necessary steps to ensure your product packaging is a part of your marketing and sales?

How Packaging Should Be Part Of Your Marketing And Sales

Make The Packaging Usable

Design packaging supplies that can be used again and again says the team at Bestbuysenvelopes. Make it so that they don’t want to throw it away! It will be more memorable if the customer can use it even after they have opened and used the product. It could become a small box for trinkets, for example, a child’s toy, or something else related to your company.

Launch A Special Edition

How about launching a special edition style packaging on special occasions? Or even just for fun? Coca-cola do it with their name bottles and ‘share a Coke’ campaign – can you come up with a campaign that calls for special packaging?

Make It Humorous

Why not include a joke, or something fun to read on your packaging? You can find jokes on the back of Penguin biscuits, and many companies work on developing a humorous brand that they carry over to their packaging.

Don’t Mislead Your Audience

One thing you should be careful of, is misleading your audience. You don’t want them to think they are getting something much bigger/smaller, than they’re really getting, for example.

Ensure It’s Eye Catching Enough To Stand Out On A Shelf

Your packaging needs to attract your target audience, so it needs to stand out on a shelf. You could even make it eye catching by keeping it minimal. This will give people a sensory break and could make you the most attractive option.

Make It Part Of The Overall Experience Of Receiving Your Product

Make your packaging part of the overall experience of receiving your product. Make it fun to look at and open. Make it beautiful.

Set up a Competition – Pick a winner every month

Use packaging design in your online marketing images, and encourage your customers to take pictures and post them on social media. You could set up a competition and pick one winner each month, for example. This generates plenty of user-generated content and can attract even more people to your brand, as it builds trust.


With your marketing and sales strategy making your product packaging your number one priority will ensure it is a huge hit and your product label and wrapping ends up in images in blogs, videos and vlogs, and on social media!

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