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The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Best Business Signs for Your Company

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If you want to make your business look as professional as possible, then you may be considering buying business signs. Business signs are a great way to make your business stand out and look more authentic with a professional feel.

Remember that your business is more than just a name and a logo, it’s a brand. Business signs are a great way to start enforcing your companies brand.

76% of customers said they had entered a store they never visited before, just based on their signs.

You’ll also find that good signage can have a positive impact on your businesses profitability.

With around 60% of businesses reporting a positive impact on sales and profits thanks to improved visibility of their signage.

To help you better understand how to pick the best business signs for your company, we’ve put together this ultimate guide.

Let’s get started.

Why Are Signs Important?

If you operate a local business, a sign can be a hugely important aspect of your brand. A creative, well thought out sign can help in a number of ways.

Your business can stand out from your other competition. As we mentioned above, you can bring in new customers that haven’t visited before.

You’ll also find that customers are more likely to purchase from businesses they’ve already heard of. Good signage is a great way for your business’s name to get out there and start planting the seeds for future sales.

How to Pick The Best Business Signs for Your Business

Creating and picking the best sign for your business can be tricky. We’ve outlined the best ways to create your business signs.

1. Start With The Logo

Logo design isn’t a guessing game. A great graphic designer will be able to help you combine different and subtle elements to send a message psychologically and subtly to your audience.

Things like retro designs or certain colors can emote feelings of nostalgia in a brand. It’s not a bad idea to do some research on the psychology of colors or pay a designer to help you.

You can use a great design for everything from your signage to other aspects, such as business cards or for your website.

You’ll usually find the KISS principle helps here. Keep it simple stupid. The more minimally designed logos generally do a lot better.

2. Be Consistent

Along with your other marketing materials, you should try and make sure your sign matches with the rest of your brand’s themes. This can help to convey the feel of your company.

For example, if your company is professional, your logo should reflect this. If your company is more light hearted, playful and fun, the color and design should show that.

You’ll see bakeries or cupcake shops with bright colors and fun characters, yet law firms will have simpler and more toned down colors.

The trick is consistency across your different signage and showing that you understand your market.

3. Your Colors Are Important

Colors are important not just for your logo but also your signage. You should think about the colors you use, as different colors evoke different emotions.

When combining your colors with different colors, you should be aware of the message it sends.

For example, contrasting colors grab your audience’s attention, but similar colors will give a sense of harmony.

You’ll find that warm colors like oranges and yellows can give a more aggressive message while cool colors like greens and purples are much less intrusive.

Remember that colors also affect your customer’s behavior too. Customers will eat more when surrounded by warm colors like yellow and red, while cooler colors can suppress your appetite.

4. Think About Personalizing Your Brand

The text you use in your signage isn’t the only way you can communicate with your customers.

A picture can speak a 1000 words.

You’ll find many businesses using animals, people and other characters in a logo to make them seem more family-friendly and that the company cares about the customers.

Remember that you can break the mold with your signage. Consider adding a special message.

A sale sign might seem like good business sense, but congratulating a married couple or thanking the community for its support can make the image seem more personalized for the people that it fits.

Remember that a sign for your business may be the only piece of marketing that your customers see. Over time, you can hope that customers come to know your branding, colors, and logo.

It might be time to look at improving your brand and your signs at the same time.

5. Remember the Function

Remember that your sign is more than just an announcement that you exist. A business sign should be a silent salesperson for your business.

Signs outside can help to draw attention to you and your business, while internal signs can help customers find certain merchandise and can sometimes even lead to an impulse buy.

You can even use social media in your print designs to help improve engagement. Signs are a great link between your business and the outside world.

Think about what you can do with your sign that is going to draw people towards you. Find out more about different types of signs and the functions they can perform for your business.

You can even take inspiration from the top companies in the world, and see what their signs are doing for them.

6. Consider the Type of Sign

When you have external signs for your business, you have a few choices. You can go for ground mounted signs or even a sign that’s mounted on your building.

Ground mounted signs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and businesses will often place them at the roadside to draw people to your business. You can attach building mounted signs to your building and can be useful if you have a lot of foot flow past your place of business.

Downtown shopping areas are a great example of a place where a building mounted sign can work wonders for your business.

What Will Your Business Sign Include?

With so many options to consider, it can be difficult to decide what to include and more importantly, what not to include in your business sign.

Remember that business signs are more than just an announcement about your business, they are a sales tool, and you should consider how that’ll change your business for the better.

Get in touch with an expert for help picking a business sign today.

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