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How to use professional business translators

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It’s a global economy, and to grow a business, it may need to operate in many countries around the world, even where communication can be a major barrier. There’s no such thing as: “Lost in translation”,, though as it’s now a common practice to hire professional business translators to break through the language barrier. Even with local teams on the ground, external translators are useful to corporations.

What makes the best business translator?

The main aim of business translation is to increase brand recognition in places where language is a big barrier to investments. The best translator, in this case, should be a professional who is well aware of the business and can easily explain to prospective customers and clients what your business is all about, your mission, vision and future goals, as far as the quality of your products/services is concerned.

Non-professional translators?

Usually, the translation profession is surrounded by many misconceptions. First of all, most people do not consider business translation as a profession. After all, you only need to be familiar with the second language, which can also be your native language. But the knowledge that a person has in the second language may not be enough for them to interpret everything in the business context. It is only professional translators who know the most effective ways of marketing your brand and attract more customers to the business. This can only be achieved if the translator has some business skills backed up with years of experience.

Why use a professional translator?

Based on their experience, professional translators are in a position to make informed decisions. This will ensure that information is effectively translated into the targeted language. They can easily explain your product to people who need further clarifications on what you offer and know exactly how to adapt to style and terminologies to guarantee quality translations.

Most professional translators are usually connected to the local professional translator associations. This qualifies them as skilled and knowledgeable professionals who meet all the requirements needed to offer language consultancy services.

The translation industry is always changing, and it is only professional translators who can be updated with the current technological trends. They are always committed to engaging in further learning to improve their work quality.

Another importance that comes with hiring professional translators is the consistency in the services offered. What companies need to know is that inconsistent communication can lead to loss of customers/clients and damage the company’s reputation. This is especially if a concept was translated and taken as offensive within the target market. (This has happened several times in the past).  You can imagine how complicated the whole situation can be when an original concept is translated into another language. Only a well-equipped team of professional translators who are familiar with the terminologies involved will guarantee accurate business translations.

Before hiring a business translator, it is important to distinguish between a professional and a person who only knows the language. This can play a significant role in achieving the desired results as far as business marketing is concerned. Professional translators are usually equipped with knowledge and skills that go beyond the language aspect. Their translations can therefore be of more quality compared to their untrained counterparts.

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