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Better Research Sells More In Lead Generation Campaigns

Marketing departments have a problem: Only 17.3% of companies are reaching their sales leads targets. Part of the problem is that marketing departments and sales seem to evaluate their performance in vastly different terms. While marketing departments ranked digital marketing as 65% more effective than sales departments, sales departments selected telemarketing as their pick for most effective lead channel. Marketers believe in the success of their campaigns more than sales, and that’s a problem for companies struggling to meet lead generation targets.

According to companies that have been successful reaching their lead targets in the last year, outbound telemarketing was their highest performing channel. Here’s how they stacked up channels by effectiveness, as reported in a study called the Black Report by 360 Leads:

  • 7% ranked outbound telemarketing most effective
  • 7% ranked email marketing most effective
  • 9% ranked digital marketing most effective
  • 8% ranked social media most effective
  • 9% ranked trade shows and conferences most effective

All channels perform relatively well, but the difference good B2B agencies make is they maximize channel returns and focus on the channels that work. Not all companies or sectors are going to see these results across the board, which is why a B2B agency needs to be flexible, responsive to the numbers, and always collecting information.

In the same study from B2B agency 360 Leads, over half of all companies quizzed, both large and small, identified budget restrictions as their number one challenge to sales and marketing. Too many companies don’t have the resources to reach their qualified sales lead targets, and many spend in the wrong places. Every year, digital marketing commands more from the budget, while direct marketing lead strategies like telesales and direct mail continue to generate more leads for less.

Any company that wants to find new customers has to maximize scarce marketing resources by focusing on what works. That’s how lead generating marketing services deliver returns. B2B agencies not only improve your outreach to generate more qualified sales leads, they keep the nurturing process ongoing. Companies can double their sales by implementing more effective lead nurturing strategies. Companies that contact leads three or more times are more than twice as likely to reach their sales goals. B2B agencies bring the resources to handle extensive lead nurturing programs that marketing and sales departments might not have themselves. After all, it doesn’t make sense to have sales people making cold calls when they could be turning leads into sales.

Too many companies don’t know where to look for sales leads; more than half lack sufficient data to track down targets for sales leads. The challenges many companies face are clear – insufficient budgets to follow up on leads and insufficient data to find them. B2B agencies bring better research to target key decision makers and use outbound marketing to open up new markets. It’s not enough for companies to wait for customers to come to them. Outbound marketing remains a more efficient tool for finding new customers.

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