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How to Promote Your Real Estate Business

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Nowadays, all businesses need to have an effective marketing strategy in place if they are to have any chance of growing their business and making a mark in their industry.

For example, in commercial or residential property, sales competition is fierce, so to make your business stand out, you need a marketing strategy that stands the test of time. Read on to discover some top suggestions for all startups needing an online presence found in search and social.

Create Content – i.e. start blogging.

How do you show your prospective clients you know more than your peers? You blog about your knowledge and experiences. Blogging is a great way to present yourself and your business as an industry expert.

Commit to finding out what your target audience wants to learn and share your tips and knowledge unconditionally. This means giving it away and letting your readers get the value from your sharing without signing up for anything. Of course, you should offer your newsletter subscription but not insist that your readers give you their email address before they can ready your articles.

Not only should you create your own blog, but you should also think about a blogger outreach campaign. This involves using influential blogs to promote your business.

You will create content, which will be posted on blogs that appeal to your target audience. This is a great way to reach your target consumer base. You need to ensure the content you create is original, engaging, and interesting, as well as ensuring the blogs you choose are influential and relevant to your business.

We are using real estate as an example sector that needs an online marketing strategy, but all businesses today need it to stay relevant with their customers.

Website – keep it secure and relevant

A professional website is still a must for any real estate business, even though aggregator sites are usually the go-to for prospective buyers. Websites not only need to look sleek and sophisticated, but they must be intuitive and provide a great user experience.

UX (user experience) is the focus today and more so for mobile. After all, you can have the most stunning website in the world, but if it is difficult to use, your bounce rate will be high, with visitors moving onto sites that are intuitive and provide more engagement.

For example, every page should lead to another – there should not be any dead ends. Your website also needs to be quick to load.

First In Mind – Create a new category

Distinguish yourself from other businesses The real estate sector is flooded with businesses and agents, all of whom claim to be the best. What makes your real estate business the best choice for your intended audience? You need to find something about your brand and/or services that make you stand out from the rest.

For example, choose to specialise in a type of property, or location or type of buyer. Your agency can stand out in the luxury property listings market or show you understand property investors and list properties for their requirements.

Use Social & Email

A lot of marketing emails end up in the trash. Poor design, lack of personalisation and relevancy are just some of the reasons for poor conversion. Use the first name, so your recipients know the email is for them.

Ensure your subject line is compelling and encourages engagement, i.e. opening the email message and then clicking on links.

Your emails should also have a clear call to action, and they should load on all devices. Add social sharing buttons so your emails can be shared with your recipients’ followers on Facebook, Twitter etc.

Make sure your business has active social media profiles and share your blog posts, company updates and other relevant information for your audience.

Use Plugins

There are some incredible plugins available today, which your business should be using to your advantage.

Plugins for website analytics, security and marketing activities.

Continuing reading our articles for specific marketing strategies like using Paid vs Organic search marketing.