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3 Ways to Convert Leads on Your Website

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Your business needs to convert leads. If you’re using content marketing to generate leads, you will fail if you don’t properly convert these leads. Leads are worthless if they never convert. The goal is to test and refine your approach to nurture and convert leads.

What worked last week might not work this week.

But a few basic approaches can be implemented today to help convert leads that come to your website. Let’s take a look at what a few businesses are doing to convert leads using various techniques and approaches.

1. Capturing Leads Like a Pro With Incentives

Not all businesses are looking to make an immediate sale. Kissmetrics is trying to take the nurturing approach to lure in customers, and they do this very well through education and content marketing.

Take this blog post on marketing effectively.

When you visit the post, you’ll notice a few things:

  • You can get free email updates
  • You can learn more about customer engagement automation

The blog has a big, nice section on customer engagement under their post. When you click on it, you can receive a great guide on the topic via PDF format if you supply your email address and a few tidbits of information.

It’s a free product that only requires a simple email address to receive.

And then, the company can nurture you as a lead to use their products and services.

2. Proper Call-to-Actions (CTA)

Proper or smart call-to-actions are essential in service industries and SaaS, and every other industry on the planet. Potential customers and clients need to know what to do next.

Offer a few different CTAs:

  1. Quote form. Enter your name, number and message to receive a quote.
  2. Contact form.

There are also smart CTAs, which use the information already captured about you to show you highly targeted CTAs. This is a way for you to satisfy potential clients’ needs and pain points to convert them.

3. Kickback Emails Are Golden Opportunities

Businesses either want their leads to go through email or phone. When you have a lead’s email, one of the most powerful things you can do, according to HubSpot, is to send a kickback email. This email is essentially a “thank you” email.

When you send out these emails, it:

  • Increases future engagement rates
  • Encourages sharing (when done right)

You can also include specific calls-to-action in the email. This is an opportunity for a plumber to ask the person to call about any plumbing issues. Dentists may invite the person to view their blog and learn more about root canals that they may be pushing off.

And all you need to do is implement a simple kickback email into your funnel.