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4 Ways To Make This Year’s Corporate Events Shine

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For many businesses, live events and exhibitions are their bread and butter, i.e. it’s where they get the most business and the ROI from them is their benchmark of success. Sales managers therefore would be looking for ways to get more out of the events. More sales, leads and prospective clients. If you are less than thrilled with the current figures, from your corporate events, then this article has been written with you in mind. We focus on analysing the possible causes of mediocre results, and by looking at things from the another perspective, identifying weak areas, that could with a bit of tweaking could change your results.

1. Start with your Floorspace 

The square footage is your foundation, and if it is a little on the small side, this could be the problem right there. People don’t like to be huddled up, and with a small stand, there are limited design options, so perhaps you should consider going for something a bit more spacious.

2. Exhibition Stand Design

If you aren’t using a modular system, that must change. The best results come from having a stylish and sleek looking area, and the best way to achieve that is with a modular system. Forget the expense of carpenters and painters, as the clean lines of brush aluminium really do impress, and with your colours and logo well displayed, you have the basis of a successful show. The very best exhibition stand builders only work with specific brands of modular systems, and if you are based in the UK, and would like to view some of the designs that are possible, an online search is all it takes.

3. Presentation

Your products will obviously be on view, and with the right mix of audio-visual, your presentation should look appealing. One good idea, is to have your sales staff walk through the stand a few times, prior to opening, of course, and look for areas that can be improved. It might be moving that pot plant a little, or changing the lighting, but this will certainly reveal any design errors, and besides, it will give your sales team added confidence, knowing that the environment is projecting the right image. If you would like more details on the importance of presentation skills in business, there is an informative article online you can refer to.

4. Stand Location

If it is a big show, then consider your location carefully. Ideally, you want to be as near to the front as possible, as that way, you get people going in and out, and the front area is usually where people congregate. Of course, a better location will be more expensive, but if you subscribe to the saying “Speculate to accumulate”, it is a worthwhile investment.

Image is everything and when you and your competitors are all housed in the same building, you really do have to pull out all the stops, and hiring a modular stand contractor is the best way to secure a good ROI. If your business is based in the UK, an online search will reveal the whereabouts of the market leader, and by using them, you are halfway there already.

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