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Choosing a Niche for Your Blog is Just the Beginning

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With so many blogs competing for eyeballs choosing a niche for your blog is important but it’s just the beginning. Don’t forget to plan your marketing strategy.

Posting at least sixteen well-researched and good content blogs a month is the best way, but certainly not the only way to increase SEO. Instead, the blog must be part of an overall marketing strategy.

The internet changes a lot and changes fast. Moreover, SEO is much more art than science. However, we do know some key components of a good strategy.

One of the most important components of any successful approach is a good beginning, and in terms of SEO, that usually means a good resource.

Website Design

In October 2016, according to one survey, mobile browsing eclipsed desktop/laptop browsing. So, if your site is not optimized for both, you are probably losing a lot of customers.

The dual website approach — one for desktop and one for mobile — probably won’t work anymore, because in the one or two seconds that it takes for the customer’s browser to detect a mobile device and prompt the user to switch to a mobile site, the customer will most likely go back to the SERP. Moreover, many people still believe that “mobile site” is synonymous with “fewer features.”

Moreover, the site needs to be fast and needs to have lots of graphics and images. Back in the old days, and by that, we mean 2010, most browsers were slow, and a slow-loading, text-heavy site was not a liability and may have been an asset. Today, that’s simply no longer the case.

These web design upgrades may be a little more costly, but the investment is worthwhile.

Blog Content

This area is another one that offers excellent ROI, and for almost all business owners, that’s what it’s all about. So here are some quick tips regarding specific content:

● Length: Google likes long posts of at least 1,000 words. But that does not mean a rambling manifesto; rather, the content should be very focused.
Keywords: Under the current algorithm, the specific keyword is not as important as the searcher’s intent when s/he types the keyword. In other words, Google is smarter than it was before and better able to connect searchers with the content that answers their underlying questions.
● Links: Internal links make content more authoritative and make it easier to read, which is why hyperlinks may be even more important than some people first believed.

Finally, when adding content to the site, think like a searcher would think. If the site is optimized for them instead of optimized for some abstract SEO concept, the site will almost certainly rank very high.

Get Listed

In a mobile browsing environment, active presence on social media is essential because a searcher may go from your website to a map application to find you and then go to a social media platform to express their pleasure or displeasure at what they found or did not find. On a related note, reputation management is also important for SEO because if people say bad things about you online, that affects your rankings.

The customers are out there, and a good SEO strategy is like the ultimate business matchmaker that connects your business with their money.

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