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Use All Five Senses In Marketing


Digital marketing mostly uses just two of our five senses namely visual and auditory. Yet we have five senses so how can we incorporate the other senses more in our marketing to engage more with our online audiences?

In this article: How to use the 5 senses to market your business, the author delves into what our senses are capable of e.g. “80% of what we experience as taste is actually smell” and “our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory”. Knowing how we use our senses and how our business can connect using them will achieve a higher rate of conversion and what businesses want most – more sales.

There is one type of digital marketing that’s working hard to use all the senses and that’s ‘interactive content marketing’ with it’s games, and quizzes etc. However still not all the senses are used. How do you get your audience to ‘feel’ your brand or product? It can be done with the use of language and imagery. Images are a huge part of social media marketing (SMM) and while most of us are not highly tuned to what sense is being triggered when we view an image, it’s very clever just how effective it is. The senses taste, or smell. Viewing an image of a cup of coffee will ignite your sense of the smell of coffee. When you next add an image to your blog content or social media profile consider what senses you want to ignite and use an image that grabs hold of that sense. Ask your audience for their feedback – when viewing beach on a sunny day, could they feel the sun’s warmth? Smell the seawater?

Education on our senses and how to use them can start with the young and in the infographic below Simply Education whom find teaching jobs have cleverly crafted ways to build up sensory skills in children. While these exact examples may not appeal to us directly now we’re adults, they do provide valuable insight into how we can craft ways to work on our senses so we can incorporate them into our marketing and other areas of our business.

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