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How Interactive Content Marketing Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy

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Interactive Content Marketing (ICM) actively engages users so it’s a step up from your website visitors watching a video or reading a blog post.

Experienced marketers know that there is a big difference between a user visiting a company website and that user being actively engaged.

The aim now is to foster engagement, users should be asked to give something of themselves and there’s a variety of ICM types you can use too, including contests, games, quizzes. Studies have shown that when users consume regular content, engagement is minimal, even if they’re really enjoying it, so to really boost sales, companies need to invest in content marketing approaches that develop long-term relationships.

Greater Engagement

To really boost sales, companies need to invest in content marketing approaches that develop long-term relationships. Case studies show that when companies switch from a passive to an interactive content model, practically every single one of their key performance indicators experiences significant uplift, including things like brand trust, intent to purchase, conversions and net promoter score.

Better Remarketing Targeting

Usually, it takes more than a single visit to your website to get a customer to buy from you. In fact, it often takes multiple exposures to your product/brand to encourage them to finally part with their cash. That’s why remarketing is such a hot topic in marketing circles today.

Remarketing is essentially what it sounds like: marketing your products again and again to potential customers as they travel around the internet. Customers are shown banner advertisements on advertising partner websites which remind them of your product and prompt them to buy.

Interactive business content marketing allows you to take remarketing a stage further. Instead of just spamming customers with the same generic banner ads on partner websites, you can use data generated from interactive content on your site to personalize new content for that particular user.

The data shows that more than 80 percent of users want content that is tailored to their interests and so marketers can use interactive polls to determine what their next post should be and which of their customers should receive email notifications when the content goes live.

Educate Consumers To Win Their Business

Data shows that consumers don’t like being pitched to online. What they want instead is to be educated so that they can make an informed decisions about what to buy. According to the data, around 94 percent of businesses and 69 percent of regular customers research a product before committing.

Interactive content, therefore, can be an excellent way to educate customers and provide them with the information they need while subtly steering them towards buying your products. You can use interactive white papers, videos, infographics, and graphs to teach clients and help them get answers to their questions.

Greater Insights Into Customer Needs

Regular content provides you with a small amount of data about individual users, but interactive content gives you far greater insight.

Often you can find out an enormous amount about your users by getting them to fill out forms about their personality (like a personality test), provide information to an online loan calculator (like their income status or level of savings) or tell you about which of your products they like, and which they don’t. You can then use all of this data to build better customer service processes and better products.

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