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Superhero Workforce Infographic

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Have you every wondered which role in a working warehouse is best suited to your favourite superhero? The Infographic below has Nick Fury as the Warehouse Director. As the Founder of the Avengers, he’s a man who is used to making difficult decisions and isn’t afraid of taking a risk if things aren’t going too well in the work place. As the Infographic states, “He’s a born leader.” Next to the main man we see Hawkeye, the supervisor of the organization. As his name states, he never fails to see the whole picture and what each and every worker is doing, therefore he will instantly be able to spot someone not doing their job properly.

Wolverine has been put on Customer Service due to his friendly voice and calming tone. Wolverine will be able to deal with customer queries effectively, resolve complaints with ease and calm the client down, regaining their trust and build strong relations with them, therefore making him the best man for the job. Standing next to Wolverine, we come across the Operations Manager. In this role, you need to be intelligent, ensure tasks are completed and not be afraid to spend money to improve your business. This is why Iron Man has been placed in this role. He isn’t afraid to put in overtime and go the extra mile to improve himself and his company.

Moving onto the general manager positon and here is where we meet America’s favorite Captain. His motivational speeches inspire his colleagues and urges them to push themselves to be the best they can possibly be. Captain America is seen as the voice of reason therefore when he speaks everyone listens.

With his mind manipulation powers, Professor X is able to market the company like no other. He is able to get into the heads of potential clients and easily turn them into paying customers without having to spend a penny.  He prides himself on low advertising costs and very high conversion rates!

Spider Man makes Box Packing look glamourous with his fancy acrobatics. When he isn’t joking around, the spider is able to pack and seal all boxes quicker than anyone else and has fun doing it too. Ensuring Spiderman actually does his job well, we have the Quality Control Inspector. With his ability to shrink down to the size of an ant, Ant Man can inspect the smallest of details, ensuring all products are of the highest quality before they leave the warehouse. Therefore, the role of Quality Control has his name written all over it.

Your cherry picker out of action? No problem! Groot and Rocket are on it! With the height of Groot and Rocket’s problem solving abilities they make the perfect combination for when things are just out of reach! Being the God of Thunder, Thor doesn’t really have to do a lot! He just makes the place look good!

And Finally, The Fork Lift. Who really needs a fork lift when you have the big green monster. Hulk is the man for the job! Apart from Thor’s Hammer, there is nothing he can’t lift!