Rally The Troops With These Morale-Saving Tips

coffeeWhen you’re working on the front lines, checking emails, making calls, and putting out one hypothetical fire after the next, it can be exhausting. Being in a job you like isn’t always enough. Morale can get chipped at by the challenges and demands of work. That’s where the leader should come in and rally the troops. Here are a few of the best ways to keep the spirit high in the workforce.

Get involved in their work

We’re not talking about the micromanaging that can very much get you in the way of their work. Rather, when getting involved with their work, it’s about giving them the means to best handle their workload and building them into a better team. It might mean helping them find the software that does that one task a lot more efficiently. It may mean helping them learn how to prioritize their task load for a day. Even asking them about their work now and then and listening can be a great help.

Make a big deal out of appreciation

The closer eye on the work your team does can help you find a lot more appreciation for them when you see what they do day-in-day-out. Showing that appreciation is just as important. Whether it’s verbal acknowledgment at the team meetings or handing out fancy glass awards at a corporate event. Appreciation shouldn’t just be given in a quiet meeting. It should have a bit of ceremony and publicity to it. Not only does it let the recipient feel a touch more pride in their work. It also shows that you’re in an environment where effort and creativity are recognized and awarded.

Let them know they are more than a job

Job satisfaction is not the end-all and be-all of being happy with where you are as an employee. They want to know that they are more than just a cog in the wheel. Most people want to have a real role on the team that goes beyond the job description, more importance than just a job. Helping to align them with the goals of the organization, asking them for their opinions on goals and strategies, and helping them just what they provide to the business can help them see that.

See their goals

Besides appreciating and sharing the real impact of your team member on the business, you should think about the impact the business can have in their lives. Don’t be afraid to ask them their goals, even those outside of the business. You can take the example of Apple, for instance, providing resources and time that allows employees to do a little more work on their personal projects. Offer training even if that training doesn’t have a direct link to their role in the business. It builds general competence, confidence, and loyalty to invest in them beyond their job.

A leader is more than a manager of labor. They are the head of a team of human beings, who occasionally need a good rousing to give their jobs their all. Neglect the importance of morale and watch the productivity and engagement of your team plummet.

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