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Top 6 Cities to do Business in the USA

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A brand new business needs all the help it can get, especially in the initial days as it tries to find its footing. The funding, the business model, the place you plan to do business etc., are all very important. When we set out to find the top 6 cities to do business in the United States, we looked at all the top websites such as Forbes,CNBC, iPage etc. These websites have surveyed and listed the cities that are good for doing business according to various metrics. After going through all the data, we found the following 6 cities appearing in almost all the surveys as a good destination to do business. So the top 6 cities to do business in no particular order are:

  1. Provo

This city in Utah has a great investment circle and sound infrastructure. It encourages businesses with its work spaces and fosters cooperation among entrepreneurs. It is a good choice especially if you’re considering the world of healthcare, technology and education. Close enough to Salt Lake City, Provo is widely considered to be a start-up nurturing city, thanks to its Startup Building and its Innovation Academy at the Brigham Young University.

  1. Las Vegas

If you thought the city was a bad gamble because of its housing crash and the recession it has had to weather, you’re wrong. Friendly tax policies (no gift, personal income, business income or franchise tax) and decent housing has put this city on the map of attractive cities to start business. The shoe company Zappos is leading the way in creating a business stimulating environment. Huge trade fairs and shows continue to generate buzz in the city as well.

  1. Austin

Nothing sounds as sweet as Texas’ policy of, ‘no personal income tax.’ This means more money for the business, at the end of the day. No wonder that Austin saw a close to 10% rise in small business in the three year period from the start of the decade. Low unemployment rate also helps this city which is business friendly, especially for tech firms. Last year, the start-up community has grown by 81.2%, second only to Washington. There is a property boom too and luxury living in Austin has grown by leaps and bounds.

  1. Seattle

With the strong presence of huge companies like Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft, Seattle is a smart choice for business owners. It’s also great for freelancers and for project-based workers. VC firms abound as do economic development undertakings too. In 2017, the General Fund spending forecast is $1.2 billion per year plus a focus on housing with a $29 million affordable housing bond.

  1. Ogden

A gorgeous city with a view of the mountains, low housing costs, tons of opportunities – this is the city of Ogden for you. You can’t really escape the scenery here and so recreation businesses are big, as are IT and aerospace. Businesses can be set up at low cost and a booming economy takes it far. Coupled with this is the high education of the working force and a decent cost of living. There’s plenty to like in this city.

  1. Atlanta

How can this city not be in the list? Both, Coca-Cola and Home Depot call it home, among others. Tech is big here and the start-up scene is vibrant and happening, and the city is filled with young people. This is a relatively easy space to process loans and source funds. Atlanta has the busiest airport in the world and so your clients won’t have any problem getting to you and you to them. 150,000 businesses are alive and thriving here and there’s a reason why.