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Make Your Office A Healthier Place To Be: 5 Tips

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If you spend at least 30 hours a week in the office, you probably understand how much it can affect your well-being. Ideally, the office would be a pleasant place to work in, but this isn’t always the case.

The office can take its toll on your health if it’s not a good environment to work in. So how can you make your office a healthier place to be? we’re going to take a look at this now:

1. Encourage Your Team To Quit Smoking

While many workplaces have banned smoking, there may be places outside the office that have been designated as smoking areas. Although those who still use cigarettes respect that their colleagues want to work in a smoke-free environment, they can still be affected.

Passive smoking still kills many people in the US, but using e-cigarettes and vapes could help. Thought to be a lot healthier than smoking, vaping could completely eliminate smoking in and around the workplace, making it a more pleasant environment for all.

2.  Open The Windows

Unless your office is situated next to a busy road, you may want to think about opening the windows. Sometimes there is nothing better than having a bit of fresh air circulating, and bringing a soothing breeze into the office.

If you cannot open the windows, think about using fans that circulate air around the office during those hot summer months.

3. Paint The Walls Green

We humans were designed to live in a natural environment that is a far-cry from the way we live our lives in the 21st century. However, we can bring some of the natural environment into the workplace, helping to reduce stress levels, while boosting creativity.

The color green is thought to relax and inspire people, simply because you’re likely to associate it with being outdoors. Painting some, if not all of the office walls green will help to bring a little bit of nature inside, and make the office a much more pleasant place to be.

4. Give Your Team More Access To Water

The body needs at least 8 glasses of water each day, but unfortunately, the workplace can make accessing enough water difficult. Encourage your team to drink more water by supplying them with fresh iced water, whenever they need it.

The air flowing around a work environment can often be dry, thanks to the many computers that tend to heat the air up. Your team will appreciate having access to water that will quench their thirst, and make them feel better too.

5. Ask Your Team To Refrain From Eating At Their Desk

When deadlines are looming, and your team is under a lot of stress, they may be tempted to eat at their desk.

Eating while you work is never a good idea as it can spread germs from the keyboard to the mouth while making your team feel as if they have not had a proper break from work.

Ask your team to eat in one of the designated eating areas, so they feel like they’ve had a proper break. Stepping away from the desk to eat, even for a few minutes can boost productivity, and make deadlines seem much more manageable.

Making the office a healthier place to be will allow your team to feel more relaxed, and healthier while they work to meet those deadlines. Use the above tips to increase your teams’ health and well-being, so they are happier while they work.