5 Ways To Build A Lasting Relationship With Your New Employer

Starting a new job, even if you have years of experience means can be nerve racking as you start to build new relationships and get use to working in a new environment. One thing that is important is to build a strong relationship with your future employer. This means taking the time to get to know them and being able to work together well.

Here are 5 ways that leading london recruitment PA and Secretarial agency, Attic Recruitment believe you can build a strong relationship with your new employer:

1. Demonstrate Your Innovation and Initiative

Every employer wants their team to be full of motivated and hardworking employees. They will want to see that you are determined and excited to take on new projects as soon as you start.

If your new employee role, is full of opportunity for you to constantly pitch ideas, new products, projects, process improvements or services then make sure you speak up. Don’t be afraid to voice your ideas and be as creative as possible. You must remember that you were chosen for this job because they believed in you.

Show interest in your company and your employer will take an interest in you.

2. Show Them Respect

Respecting your employer as your superior and someone that can teach you more about the industry you have a new job in will create a great point to start discussions between you and your boss.

Employers want to know that they are respected as people as well as your employer. Just as employees want to know that their contributions are appreciated, your new boss will want to know that you respect them and their decisions.

If you treat their time and effort to integrate you into the team lightly because you’re too busy or distracted, then they are likely to start feeling as if you will not work well within the team.

3. Try and Stay Relaxed

As a candidate that has had years of experience working in many teams you should recognise that staying relaxed is key. Don’t become too nervous or wound up over trying to force a relationship with your employer, if it’s meant to be it will happen. At the end of the day, the only way to build a meaningful relationship is to let them get to know you. They will instantly be able to tell if you are forcing the situation too much and putting on an act.

4. Recognise That Your Relationship With Every Boss Will Be Different

Not every boss will want to be sitting with you at lunch everyday and that is okay. Some employers prefer to stay back and let the team of employees gel without their input. Others want to make sure that they know the ins and outs of the office.

Some employers are going to be quick to notice when you are making an effort in the office and others are going to need a few more nudges and a little more time.

5. Don’t Wait For Praise

Some employees get caught up in waiting for praise and can start to let their standards slip. At Attic Recruitment we are looking for candidates that our clients are going to love, have a connection with and be able to integrate into the team without any trouble.

If you are constantly waiting for praise and sometimes not receiving it, you could end up losing site of the tasks you have and the projects you are working on.

Most importantly, be yourself and work hard. What is not to love about a candidate that is a team player and a hard worker?

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