A Dirty Business Makes For Crummy Returns

openHow many times have you walked into a business, be it a convenience store or doctor’s office, and it smelled funny or looked like it hadn’t been swept or mopped in ages? Have you ever found your child chewing gum they picked up off the floor or the bottom of a table? The bathroom is the worst place to be in most establishments.  Did these discoveries make you want to come back? Assuredly not. Here are some reasons your business should clean up its act.


The number one reason to keep your business clean and tidy is the health of your staff and customers. There are people from all walks of life that come into your business on a daily basis. People with children, pet owners, men and women coming home from jobs where they have sweat all day, and still others whose take care of the ill. Not to mention the dirt and grease and grime that comes in on your staff’s and customers’ shoes. Your place of business is crawling with germs. If nothing else, clean up for their health. Not doing so could negatively impact your business’s reputation. It could also convince your customers that you do not have their best interest at hand.

Appearance is Everything

The way your business looks say volumes about how much you care about your customers. A clean business says you care about the customers health, you value their company, whether they purchase anything or not, and that you care enough about yourself enough to take care of your own belongings. Most people view how you take care of yourself as the standard you will use to take care of others and although many of us don’t keep a spicy and span home, we feel more at home in a tidy environment.

Loss of Money

This is the ultimate downfall of a dirty business. The goal of any business is to make a profit. However, if your customers are sick all the time due to the germs infesting your shop or office, they will spend more time in bed recovering than making purchases from you. If your patrons come to shop your good and the appearance of your property makes them long for home instead of feeling at home, they are much less bound to stay or give you return service. In the end, it makes much more sense to spend the money to clean and disinfect your business so that you can have a larger customer base that view your shop or business as well taken care of and thus return time and time again.

So, the next time you open the doors of your business and get ready for the day, make sure that you have created a clean welcoming environment for young and old that will be sure to extend your bottom line.

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